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  1. Cushings Understanding Support and Help Org (CUSH) received word this morning from Senator Inhofe's office (OK) that the Resolution making April 8th National Cushing's Syndrome Awareness Day has passed. More information will be posted on the CUSH website (cush.org). A press release will be done as well from the Senators office. This is the third year that Senator Inhofe's office has helped us with this-please send a thank you note to him if at all possible. Cheryl Farrar CUSH VP
  2. And Yea! At least we are going to have a Cushings Awareness Day April 8, 2008!
  3. I think Gumdrop is probably correct. I don't remember the reason that it isn't perpetual, but that's the way it is for now. Sen. Inhofe is going to do the Resolution for us irregardless if another Senator helps by co-signing, but if you want to contact your Senator that would be great. When I tried to contact my Rep at the time, he wasn't interested in it, so I wasn't abale to get his help. He's not there any more... The first year we had the Cushing Awareness, CUSH hosted a conference here in OKC and about 50 people were able to come. It started just as a "let's have a party" type thing and turned into us having a meeting where 4 physicians spoke and we had a seperate CUSH meeting the day before-where we had a memorial moment for Sue-who had just passed away a few weeks earlier. And I got to meet the infamous MaryO-and several others that I had gotten to know on this website. Generally as Cathy said, we've had a CUSH conference in Oct-but because we had a meeting in April 06 we didn't have it in Oct, and then we didn't have one last year. It would be great if we could all get together-but I don't know if that's going to happen. There is a meeting somewhere east in April-and that's part of the reason we don't have our yearly meeting in April. When the CUSH org was originally started, the meetings as I said were in Oct-we didn't at that time have a Cushings Awareness Day-which is April 8th. So we could all do our part-let our TV stations know that we have the Cushings Awareness Day-I don't know, what does anyone want to do? Cheryl F
  4. Senator Inhofe -Oklahoma is going to do the Resolution for us again this year=2008. I asked last year about having it being perpetual, I don't remember the reason but I don't think they can do it that way. If anyone has any more info about that, I would appreciate it. cheryl f
  5. It's been wonderful hearing ideas of how to further the Cushings Awareness that we all want . And to hear how things were started so many years ago is still amazing to me. You each have been so helpful in getting us to where we are- Sue was thrilled when she found out that the Cushings Awareness Day that so many had worked on would finally be a reality-as we all were. So in keeping with the spirit of what we all are trying to do-bring Awareness to this terrible disease- Senator Inhofe's office is going to prepare the Resolution for us-for Cushings Syndrome Awareness Day April 8, ,2008. My thanks to Suzanne who has helped us these past three years in getting this done. (Suzanne is one of Sen. Inhofe's staff members). Please let your senators know that they need to contact Sen. Inhofe's Washington DC office (Suzanne) if they want to be one of the co-signers. Many blessings to each of you-Cheryl Farrar CUSH Vice President, OK State Rep
  6. Thanks Mary(Mertie)... I meant to look that up and plum forgot! Anyone here from Connectiuit? Thanks also to Mr. Dodd! cheryl f PS MaryO-the boards are so cute with the Easter theme....
  7. Thanks for sending that link-it was most helpful as was Tammie's and MaryO's for those of us who are severely computer iliterate. Who is Mr. Dodd I'm wondering tho? Is he another Senator? That's my guess,but I don't know for sure. Last year Sen. Coburn contacted Sen. Inhofe and co-sponsored the resolution. Anyway..we'll have to figure this one out! cheryl
  8. Maryo, I was able to print it from the link that Tammie listed. I think I'm going to include this in the info that I send to the PCP's here in OKC area. It sounds soooo great! Thanks again! cheryl
  9. Thanks Mary.....it didn't come up for me tho because it showed to be a pop up of all things! Anyway, thanks for the info. I'll see if I can figure out how to do it....love c
  10. Hi ya'll... First, the tornados were about 9 miles west of me in OKC, and 3 miles west of my daughter and brother-in-law...we're all ok, but there was some damage where it hit. Mary, how do I get a copy of that stuff? I'm going to go back and look at what has been posted, maybe there is someone who has posted the info.... Thank you for doing that. It sounded good, huh! Anyway, last year I contacted the different newstations and newspaper. Also small towns around OKC, as far away as 60 miles even. I e-mailed some info and faxed other when I could. There are different ways they like it done. I typed a short statement (like Cushing's problems are ever short) about what had happened to me and sent the info on the Resolution along with my information for them to contact me. Then I faxed/mailed and made phone calls to follow-up. I think it helped because I was having a forum here in OKC last year, but not sure that it mattered. If you can contact the reporter who handles health issues, that's the best thing to do. Anyone who wants me to forward the Press Release please e-mail me at : cheryl1957ann@sbcglobal.net and I will forward it to you so that you can include it in your information. I'd still like to have a luncheon on April 14th here in OKC if anyone is close enough to come....I'm here.... If you want to call me, e-mail me with your phone # and I'll call you back. Hope this helps...Cheryl
  11. My understanding is that it will be only this year again, and to get it each year we have to have someone sponsor it. I'm not sure why it can't be perpetual, but that's my understanding. I'm not sure if it's because it's only a resolution in the US Senate and not in the House as well that makes a difference or not. Maybe if they both present Resolutions and the President signs it, maybe then it can be perpetual. I'm not sure. Wish I had more info. Thanks again for everyone's help. Cheryl
  12. Hi all, It's after work now and I have more time to send info. I received the PR release from Sen. Inhofe's office in a 2nd e-mail. For some reason it has a link to another Cushing's site, and since the release has already been sent, there isn't anything we can do about it. But it's for all of us anyway and we just have to look at it that way. I did ask them if they could remove it however....lol.... So if you'd like me to send you a copy of what I have, I'll be more than happy to send you the forward. Somethings you might do: copy the press release and send it to the physicians in your area. I'm going to do that as my goal this year is to get more info to the PCP's on the symptoms. I"m going to get a fact sheet to give them with some personal info on my particular case. Call your local tv stations and let them know that the resolution has been passed-it's actually on Easter, but maybe they could do it on Saturday if they'd do a little blip. Let the newspapers know. I don't know....if we just help one person be diagnosed it's worth anything we do. My e-mail is cheryl1957ann@sbcglobal.net if you want to e-mail me I'll reply and send the release to you. Happy Cushings Day! Cheryl Farrar
  13. It's official, the Senate Resolution 127 passed last night making April 8th, 2007 National Cushing's Awareness Day. Let your newsmedia know! PS, and if you can find Sen. Jim Inhofe's e-mail address (I am late for work and don't have it immediately avail) please tell them how much we appreciate their efforts. He's the US Senator for Oklahoma. Thanks, Cheryl Farrar CUSH Vice President
  14. Sen. Inhofe's office contacted me. They are officially working on the Resolution this week (that's the way it was done last year) and will let me know as soon as the Resolution is passed. So it should be passed I'm guessing early next week, late this week. I'll let you know when I hear anything! love, cheryl
  15. I haven't heard anything from Sen. Inhofe's office yet, but they are so great there at helping us. Have your US Senators contact his office to help co-sign the Resolution...have them contact Suzanne in the Washington DC office.
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