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  1. http://news.yahoo.com/s/livescience/200801...ureimmunetopain
  2. Thanks Mary. I can't promise you I'll call in (I'm more chicken than egg) lol! But I can promise I'll tune in.
  3. How often again is the show on? When will the next show be on? I swear I got loads to say, but I am sooo embarrassed and scared to call in!
  4. Wow, Lisa!! I've never actually thought about clicking member profiles before the site was updated. I've never seen your picture before? Is that your daughter? Both of you are gorgeous!

  5. Gracie, I always thought so too. And it is not only the esophagus problem that was being masked, but also the heart issue too. Its amazing what cortisol can do. How do they stretch the esophagus, do you have to go under for a proceedure to do that?
  6. Jo, insulin okay, glucose okay--It hurts like the mother of hell when I eat, I get esophagus spasms--now those are a party to deal with! My belly is bloated and makes me feel like I weight a ton when I eat. Funny, this stuff started only 2 mos ago. I was already off the hydro. I'm gaining fat around the waist although I cannot eat much. I can't take more than ONE small girls' fist-sized meal per day. Its all I eat. I'm worried because my iron levels are on the floor and I dont' think I am metabolizing my iron supplements properly, or if I'm metabolizing anything I eat at all. I can become anemic very easily.
  7. I just read Magdalena's story. So she has intestinal cells in her adrenals--She has a lot of the same symptoms I do regarding her stomach, she was skinny like I was except I had no GI symptoms--I don't get it, I am supposed to be cured from Cushings. What the hell is going on with my stomach now...!
  8. Yes, I posted a link just now on Food Dependent/Independent Cushings--I'm trying to understand what it is. Can anyone explain what this means?
  9. New England Journal of Medicine--GIP Can anyone help me understand what I am looking at? *Food Dependent/Independent Cushings *GIP--Wikipedia
  10. I don't know hypogirl, I don't think a lot has been done because there are very few of us who have been diagnosed. I'm sure there are more people out there, but getting wrong diagnosis. Seems more research has been done on the veterinary aspect of this disease... Do you know, how disturbing and frustrating it is to try to find answers out there to this condition just to have dogs and cats come up on your search??!! How does that make you feel? I know it makes me feel like a friggin' animal...I am so angry. They may be similar diseases, but the human body is different than that of a dog.
  11. staticnrg!! That is me! This is one question I posted under the adrenal/Conn's section. I am definitely more active in the night. Thus far, I've had more elevated symptoms occuring in the night which may cause a conflict in how I take my medication. I asked my doctor about the possibility of reversing the amount of dosing (taking more in the evening than in the day) to reduce symptoms and she said no, for the reason that we need more cortisol in the day than night. But is this for the typical circadian only? I am a night student for example and I wouldn't want my condition to conflict with my nightly activities. I'm already having trouble adjusting my medication as it is... That was a very informative link by the way, but one thing I don't understand is (this is stemming from another user who mentioned this to me) about the way pit and adrenal is differentiated. Sometimes ACTH pulses and therefore hard to catch in bloodwork. Did they mention this on the site? Their chart immediately flows from ACTH low/independent testing to immediate conclusion of unilateral/bilateral adrenal hyperplasia. As if this is the only determining test. Most other varied tests they have is just to differentiate patients with hypercortisolism from those with Cushing's and those with ectopic or Cushing's disease (pit patients). I am trying to find what other tests are involved that determine that indeed, even with an incidentology of an adrenal tumor, that it is not pituitary, but isolated to the adrenals. ACTH can't be the only testing.
  12. If the link doesn't work try refreshing the page or just go into Yahoo/Google search and type in: "Cushing's Support & Research Foundation"
  13. Cushing's Support & Research http://www.Cushings-Help.net/CSRFAnswers.htm
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