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    Devon, England
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    Have been great until now..poss another tumour. Getting better... Shopping, interior design, reading and driving hubby up the wall!

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  1. Hi Suzi I haven't been on for a long time and its so strange u not being on here. Do u remember our sunday morning coffee chats and sm1 would always bring the doughnuts lol.xxx

  2. Im so confused... is there one or isn't there?

    1. MaryO


      Is there one what?

  3. high cortisol after adrenalectomy 05 -help

  4. Hi I am going to send this info along with my story to my local MP (Member of Parliment) also, I had a local newspaper interested in my story so I am going to see if they want to do it now and incorporate it with 8th April! Never know, may even have the courage to contact a National! lol... SANDIEXXX
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