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  1. Well, as long as the meds you take can turn off an ACTH secreting tumor and lower your cortisol but not too low & then keep it in range, he might be right. Are you going to have levels checked? I have always thought that for people with Cushing's the fibro was interrelated. Judy
  2. Does it make any difference that with Cushing's you gain weight even if you hardly eat? Judy
  3. That's so sad. There was a time I would of just thought that was an excuse to get away with something. Now I know that just about anything is possible when things are out of balance. Judy
  4. If yours hasn't shipped yet, maybe they'll cross paths! That is kind of funny. I sometimes wonder if my generation will be around to see any big changes in the testing and dxing of Cushing's. Hopefully if we're not, the next generation will be able to reap the rewards. I also hope that we can find out what the researcher finds. Judy
  5. Jenny, actually, I'm encouraging my kids to adopt. I'm sure Bill's sister has it and we think there's a good chance his mom did too. Judy
  6. I'm sure they'll all give their donation! Just need to talk to the lab about doing the draw and get instructions from Dr. F. Dianne, Dr. F didn't give a name but I'll ask when I email him. While I do find this exciting I have to wonder what can really be done if he does find a link. Maybe that is farther down the road. Judy
  7. Just got an email from Dr. F. He has found an endo in England that would like vials of blood from Bill, Justin & Jess. He is looking for genetic mutations. I think that sounds exciting. I'm sure all three will agree to give up two vials each. Wouldn't it be great if this guy finds something, even if it's not from our blood. Just knowing that someone is looking at genetics is exciting. Judy
  8. I'm so glad we're having "confession" time, makes my family fit right in! Probably what I considered one of the worst was one morning a couple of years ago when I was trying to wake Justin, he drew his fist back and I know he was thinking of decking me. The emotions on his face when he really thought about what he was thinking of doing almost made me cry. That really isn't his personality. Judy eta - Angela, if there is still part of the tumor left, isn't there a good chance you still have Cushing's?
  9. Yep, if something isn't working right and it makes you mad, just hit it and break the whole thing. Judy
  10. Having lived with three people with high cortisol, I'd definitely say the elevated cortisol came first. I wonder at what point someone will figure out that they have some of these things backwards. Judy
  11. Sorry, I can't help you Shell. Mine loaded easily. Judy
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