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  1. I think your question is a very valid question and one that I still wonder from time to time. My tumor was believed to be about your size in scans, but was actually 10 mm. I think that depending on the size of your tumor and location it can influence how many hormones are affected. I am 4 years post op next month and have had the best few years of my life. Recovery was very long for me, but I had more than my share of complications (about 1 1/2 years), but almost everything is better now. I am panhypopit and probably always will be, but once it is adjusted it is a little annoyance more than
  2. Thanks so much for the interview! It never seems long enough, but I am so grateful for Dr. F and the time he takes for us.
  3. Similar question as above.... If a person is cured/has a remission from Cushings and ALL hormones are balanced, then why do some still have trouble losing any weight?
  4. I can link my symptoms to depo as well....
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