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I am pretty new to this.  I only heard about Cushing's on November 7th.  But I feel like my whole world has changed since then (and before then too).  As I continue to get sicker, I seen firsthand how incredibly difficult it is to get help. 


I started getting sick in August 2012.  Depression, then weight gain (almost 40 pounds in the last year), then horrible acne all over my chest and face.  All to be followed by exercise intolerance, problems with my period, and out of control blood pressure.   When I told my endocrinologist of seven years (hypothyroidism) what was happening to me, he said "you don't have an endocrine problem - go see a cardiologist" and in his notes in my file wrote "send to cardiology for eval for rhythm issue prior to simply seeking training guidance" - I ran 8 marathons and he thinks these symptoms might just be that I don't know how to run?  I couldn't believe it.  The cardiologist was the one who took one look at me and started the workup for Cushing's.


I went from being a happy, twice a year marathoner with a 60 hour a week job (and energy to spare) to being unable to work or force myself to see people and go outside.  


I now am living with a whole host of symptoms.  The latest and greatest include debilitating back pain and days where I don't have energy to get out of bed to sleepless nights.  I also now have a droopy eye and pain and numbness in my wrists.  Add vertigo to the list as well.  So far, no diagnosis in sight.


The information and posts from all of you on this website have given me the courage to push ahead.  When I read your stories, I hear my story.  These days, it is the only validation I am getting.  


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