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  1. Another interesting article in medscape... http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/565417_1 CathyM
  2. Thanks guys... I printed this out yesterday. Thanks for thinking og me... Cathy
  3. Welcome to the boards, Kelly!

  4. Natalie! Been keeping an eye on your gallery from time to time. I love that 9 month post op picture of yours. You look beautiful! So glad to see you are on the right track!!!!

  5. Hi Kate, Just wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you. Hope you feel well enough soon to get back at this disease! Miss you!

  6. Well, things have been quite good. I don't know if my new puppy has anything to do with it, but she sure does bring som brightness into this dark life of mine. She is a reason to get outside, even if it's only for a short time. I haven't been having the joint pains since I last posted and that alone feels great. I have had energy to do a bit and have tried not to overdo it like I usually do, when I get this way. It's so easy to fool yourself into beliving that you can do everything you used to do, just because you feel good. Anyhow I think I finally started to understand that I need to en
  7. Welcome to the boards. I hope you feel at home and find the support you deserve!

  8. CathyM

    Took me a while...

    Thank you so much for your prayers!
  9. Well.. I haven't been up to posting. My endo winded up diagnosing me with PCOS. She only did one cortisol test and that was morning cortisol, and that came back on the low end of normal as it always does. Anyhow she said my free testesterone was elevated and that combined with my symptoms were enough for her to diagnose me with PCOS. My gut is telling me this is NOT PCOS. I know I have some of the symtpoms, but my gut won't let go of the Cushings. I know I need to be tested before I can. I did find a great pdf about testing for Cushings that is in norwegian, and is written by specialis
  10. Read it here..... http://www.skullbaseinstitute.com/papers/c...progressive.htm or here: Abstract Patients with Cushing disease are thought to have progressive and unremitting symptoms if left untreated. We report a patient with documented Cushing disease that was untreated for 26 years. A 50-year-old woman presented with a medical history consistent with longstanding Cushing syndrome. A dexamethasone suppression test done 26 years before our evaluation confirmed Cushing syndrome. She was lost to follow up and remained untreated over a 26-year span. During this period, she had epi
  11. Well, I did my testing last Thursday. I have taken loads of blood tests during my life, but I have never ever had as much trouble drawing as I did this time. The nurse had 17 vials in front of her and she couldn't find one vein! She tried a few times with no luck and ended up calling in another nurse for help. The second nurse had no more luck then the first, when she finally struck blood she only got 3 vails. Then after trying the top of my hand, my wrist, my upper and lower arm, the first nurse noticed a vein on the back of my arm. They got some blood out of that, but then that stopped
  12. Hi Dawn,

    We all miss you so much. I pray that you are ok and hope that you will be back real soon. Love CathyM

  13. CathyM


    Well.. after 10 days off the diuretics, I am retaining enough water to fill my a backyard pool. My feet and lower legs hurt when I walk, making my daily life hell. As if I don't have enough with the fatiuge, back pain and all the other issues. Anyhow - looking on the bright side, there is only 4 days left until I do those tests. I can't wait to do them, just so I can ask how long it will take until they are done. My endo promised me she would call as soon as she got the results. I am only hoping it doesn't take forever. The monday after would be great - thats only 1 week from today! I hav
  14. CathyM

    Endo update...

    I hit the jackpot yesterday. I recived a phonecall from the endo's office. The nurse asked if I could come in on short notice since they had an opening and all of my labs were done. I grabbed the chance and so I saw a lady endo today. She started by telling me all of my labs looked good!! I could feel the tears pushing as soon as she said those words, but somehow I kept it together and told her that the labs might be good but my body isn't. I also told her that some things had happend since she got the referral from my doctor. My PTH is out of range and so is my vitamin D (low) I think sh
  15. Thank you so much for your support. You are truley a bundle of knowledge. (((hugs)))

  16. Just wanted to let you know how much your post today means to me. Thanks for posting such personal thoughts! Hope you are doing better...

  17. I bet its normal for Dr Peter Hammond to ignore anyone with symptoms such Christine Wrightson's and are I hope they imbarrased by the fact that the so called non-medical practitioners outside the NHS actually helped this poor woman. They should be imbarrased by the fact that it should have been the MEDICAL practitioners that have studied for years and years that should have been the source of Christinse's help. That article made me sick, because not only does that go for Christine and adrenal problems, it goes for so many people trying to sort out thier health problems... Sorry, had to
  18. I haven't been to good at keeping up with the blog thing. I should, cause its a good way of keeping track of stuff. Anyhow, here is my update since last time: The fatiuge thing is hanging on there this time. I can't seem to get rid of it. I've been sleeping since easter... My doctor has put me on blood pressure medication. Actually I am taking a pill that is both a water and blood pressure pill. I started it about a week ago and the water is almost all gone! I no longer have problems bending my legs, arms or fingers, and my face is normal feeling again. No more heavy feelings over my
  19. Thank you so much for your support Brad. It means alot!

    ((( Hugs )))

  20. CathyM

    So tired...

    It's 8:30 PM and I should just go to bed. I am totaly wasted and "staring into space" as MelanieUK put it in my "whining" post today. Someone chewed on me and spit me out again. My muscles are weak, and my back is tense. I have terrible pain under my feet everytime I try to walk and I am itching like someone pays me to do so. I am also having nice body twitches. No idea what it is, but I feel something in my stomach. Almost like when I was pregnant and could feel the baby moving around inside. I want to sleep, but won't. Sounds wierd I know, but thats how it is. Its almost as if I wo
  21. Hey Lisa!

    Just snooping around, and see that we have something in common. We share the same day of birth! I'm 5 years older tho. :)

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