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    when im not tierd. Singing, skating, writing.

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  1. I didn't read it all but wow. That is awesome it more or less says what we know that not all test are going to come back right these test are not fail proof. But it also explains why. This is great info and I will take the time to finish reading.
  2. In 2001 I was a active 16 year old 5'8 and very happy. The only health problem. I had was AdHD which to an extent I had out grown. I weighed about 137lbs. I was happy and doing fine in school. At the time I was a sophmore. My freades were great and I had a boyfriend. The around october everything changed. I got really sick. My liver and spleen swelled up I had gotten mono, but unlike normal people, who it didn't phase it knocked me off my feet. At the same times my immune system bombed I started having high blood pressure and soon after developed depression. They had taken me out of school when I got mono. I didn't go back till Jan 2002. My doctor was very suspicious because what 163 year old let alone an active normally health one develops high blood pressure she suspected a tumor, but she only looked at my adrenals never checking my pitutiary. I went through two cat scans, a pelvic and vaginal ultra sound. And the only thing they found was I had a baby spleen along with my normal one and weird enough I had fibroids in my uterus at 16. Not the tumore she was looking for. They were not what was causing my problems. My weight was increasing to and i was excersising and easting pretty good. Then fatigue slowly crept its way in. I would be exhausted just from walking from the bed to the toliet and back. Me who had always been full of energy . But no matter how exhausted I was I had to go to school. So I'd take naps when and if I could. But it didn't help. And then I was restless at night or couldn't sleep whether I had or hadn't taken a nap. And some times I might get burst of energy late at night. Even if I could sleep at night I was still exhausted the next day. My depression was getting worse to. so was my BP. They have over the years switched my BP meds cause each would slowly stop working or not work at all. Some of the BP meds they have put me on are plendil, diovan, lotrell. They alos had me on the following for depression. Geodon, zoloft, topamax, respadole,effexor. None of which worked very long or at all. By my senior year I felt totally tierd and like life was beating up on me. They took me out of school my whole senior year. One reason was I continuely got toncilitist to the point I could barely swallow or breath they took them out in aug. 2003. My doctor was also suspicious of hormonal imbalance abecause of my periods were irrgeular and heavyso they then tried to steady it with BC pills i was on orthro tri cyclan low, the BC patch and seasonal. On top of everything else my immune syustem is weak I get sick very easily and don't heal easy. Starting in my juniour year I started getting terrible head aches and migrains and my attention spn decreased sevewrly. Shortly after I graduated I got these purplish pink stretch marks on my breat upper arm thigh and tummy. I also started and sill at times today wake up with bruises in place I barley hurt or didn't hurt at all . Then came the floaters in my left eye, and the ringing and wooshing in my ears which I still experience. I also went through two sleep studies after my toncils were removed. They diagnosised me wtih sleep apnea and RLS (Restless leg syndrome) Even afterthe cpap and medicine I still didn't and still don't sleep good. In june 2004 when I first met my hubby I weighted 160 by december i weighted 172. I married in Jan 2005 and by december that yaear I weighted 230 . My breast which were a 40 F were bothering me and I assumed was causing the back pain I had reduced to a 42 D in march 2006 My weight went down to 225 and with in a month i was 240. I have gained over one hundred pounds. My blood pressure is out of control my depression is terrible. As a person who has never had skin problems I now experience acne and dry skin. My weight gain is mainly in my tummy upper back and face. I recently was told I have a moon face, adn have been confused for a pregnant woman. Even though fro over a year I have unsuccessfully tried to get prenant. I have bad insomnia. And am losing my memory and ability to do simple equations that use to be easy for me. I am becoming forgetful too. Sometimes I forget stuff as soon as I have said it. I am quiet frequently stumbling over my words. I use to be superior at math and now it eludes me. I am exhausted all day. I am in the bathroom all dsy too having to use it frequently. the room spins a lot for mee too. and for a while now I have been having werid pressure that is paingfull when I lay on my tummy with my head looking forward on a pillow. Wxtreme pressure like my head is going to explode if I don't raise my head up . I don't know what is wrong with me but I suspect it is cushings. please help me.
  3. I was watching another mystery diaginosise sorry can't spell that word. And it was about cushing in a baby and she wasn't diagnosised till she was three, but when they tested her cotisol level which i think the doctor said shouldn't have been more then 15 hers was over 3000 and they admitted her to the hospital. Cause he had to prove that her mother wasn't poisioning her and that her own body was doing it. And it was her body. But as soon as that happened my hubby turned on the xbox good thing I taped it I will finish watching it and tell you all about it. Me again I didn't know where else to post this.
  4. It is 4:32 in the morning I am losing so much sleep over the last three days I couldn't have slept more then four hours a day and I can't seem to go to bed before five in the morning it is driving me crazy. I would love to sleep. Especially tonight or today what ever it is because my hubby doesn't work tomorrow and it would be nice to wake up to him next to me instead of him waking me up going lets go at 5:45 in the morning. Today I get to sleep in if my body will let me. I am making myself do something tomorrow no matter what it takes I am going to go walking. I know I am always tierd but no matter what is wrong with me I will not let it win. From today on (if I still have this attitude later) I am going to start to be strong and do no matter what level of energy I have. (now tomorrow when I'm dead tierd I won't be saying this, tomorrow when I'm out of breath from walking to the bathroom and back I won't even remember writing this, but hey who cares. It sounds good) I already do actually have to make muffins tomorrow I promised my busband along with the other million things I promised I will clean and get to no matter what I will try although I have a psyhic feeling I want get much done if anything especially since I can't see. Seeing as I have no contact and I need to make an appointment. Well okay I am going to go attempt to go to bed this day has been long and unforgiving and I really am exhausted. ( hmmmm. she thinks can I even make it to the bed with out passing out from exhaustion okay where is the inhaler for just in case .) Hmmm oaky here I go good night all.
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