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  1. This is awesome Judy! I hope they find the link or mutation.... because we already KNOW that this has a genetic component.
  2. <H1 class=main>DHEA and adrenal fatigue?</H1>by Marcelle Pick, OB/GYN NP Two months ago, Lisa, a 28-year-old mom, came to see me. She was so worn out from mothering two kids and working full-time she couldn?t get out of bed. Just driving to our practice took everything she had. Her tests revealed severe adrenal fatigue and, as so often occurs in these cases, very low levels of an important hormone called DHEA. DHEA is a natural steroid and precursor hormone produced by the adrenals. It?s also available at health food stores and on-line as an over-the-counter supplement. M
  3. Some doctors are predicting that SOM 230 will be the new conventional treatment for Cushing's Disease. The trial has only included patients who achieved high ufc's on several occasions (untainted by any normal tests) Do you believe it will be an effective treatment for cyclical or intermittent Cushing's as well?
  4. This is the drug I am holding out for... My Dr. speculates this to become the new standard treatment in Cushing's Disease... we are inside of 2 years on its approval!
  5. What a great interview! Thanks for spreading the word
  6. Great work Debra! I told Dh last night I was going to make it a priority to find out who this guy was mess up his life by writinhg to everyone in his practice... hospital... every ethic board created for physicians. thanks dear, looks like he's messed up his own life. lol
  7. Robin, thanks again. I think this has the potential to change someone's life-- we were noticed
  8. Hi Carrin, I am so sorry you are having symptoms of Cushings again, I wanted to comment on your post, but was feeling tired so I will post on it as soon as I can. Thanks for adding me as a friend, I will add you on mine too. Oh, and I will look for you on myspace soon too. Talk to ya soon!:)

  9. Thanks Mary for the reminder-- I love these chats... Thank YOU!!! Hugs, Carrin
  10. Carrin!!! Hope you are getting all settled form the storm now....



  12. Hey!!! YOu always rate a 5 in my book! Who are the crazies that gave you less!LOL... You have been such a good friend! I'm glad I met you! Thanks as always!

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