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  1. Hi SaraBear Be sure to obtain a copy of every test that you do. It helps to see a pattern emerging. This disease takes lots of testing and more testing. Best to get to a good endo early on in the game. A doctor that will allow you to test. So many doctors will dismiss you. It takes your time and energy begging for tests. Tests reveal telling results. Given your symptoms looks like Cushing's.
  2. Hi Totally agree. Best to see Dr. F. in California. He will order many tests to get to the root of your problem. Many endos order a few tests. If you are in low the results will look good. So the enodo will say no you do not have Cushing's. If the endos would run more tests they would most likely see that in fact there is a good possiblity that you have Cushing's. It is a slow go, getting all the tests done however it is well worth the trip to see Dr. F.
  3. Sheila Mary from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Unsuccessful Pituitary Surgery in 2008. Currently testing for upcoming surgery in 2012.
  4. You are welcome. I hope it all works out for you!

    Sheila Mary

  5. Thank You for all of your support.

  6. Hi Mary The interview was very good. Great that once again you are making the public more aware of Cushing's. Sheila Mary
  7. Hi Thank you for letting me know of this article. I printed it out for my educational binder. Sheila Mary
  8. Hi Mary I like the license plate frame. Sheila Mary
  9. Hi Mary I would love to buy one of those pins. It would get people asking questions about it? The more awareness the better for sure! Sheila Mary
  10. Hi All these quotes sound very good to me! Let's try and get the message out there! Sheila Mary
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