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  1. flyingcowofdoom, chris, is the best husband in the whole world!!!

  2. well, after casually telling my hubby about this, he said he had no idea how important this was to me. he then bought a bunch of bands and said he was meaning to buy them to wear, anyway. he also got some for family members, and he's going to give them to them. i'm very blessed to have such a caring, amazing man
  3. jen, may i ask where you are in nj? i'm in rutherford. cool to meet a fellow cushie in nj!
  4. well, glad your family members wear them. wish mine did. can you guys tell me how you brought them up to them? i'd wear one but i only go out like once a week at most. maybe i will start wearing one when i do go out.
  5. i mentioned many times, over the past few weeks, about cushing's awareness bands to my family. whenever i do, however, they kind of just go "hm" or act like they didn't hear me. they know what i'm dealing with is terrible, and they are all worried and scared about how sick i am. i don't understand why they don't want to support me, however, by wearing cushing's bands or even cushing's pins from other sites (i forget where i saw those). my husband would wear one if i asked him directly (he'd do anything for me) but he usually doesn't wear accessories cuz he thinks they're uncomfortable. my parents and sister, on the other hand, have worn the yellow cancer bracelets and pink bracelets for breast cancer (my mom lost a friend to breast cancer and we lost my aunt through marriage to it also). they have many breast cancer items (ribbons, pins, stuffed animals). so it's not like they don't wear things like that. i just don't understand why cushing's doesn't seem serious enough to support through bands. it hurts me a great deal (amongst other things). so i guess what made me think about this and what made me write about this is how april 8 is coming up. i asked my husband why he thinks they won't wear the bands and he says he doesn't know, but that they're just being jerks probably. so anyway, do you guys wear the bands? do you have family or friends that do in support of you? if so, how did they acquire the bands? did you buy them and give them out? did they do it on their own? how did you inform them of them? thanks. i hope i don't seem too sensitive, it's just what the whole thing symbolizes to me, i guess.
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