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  1. Thank you Mary. Much appreciated. I am doing a massive research in this area. Will share anything i find.:)
  2. I am currently looking into what seems to be a limited study. Can i ask if any Cushies have been tested for Alpha 1 antitrypsin deficiency and then where diagnosed with Cushing's. Or Were treated for Cushing's, now in remission but experiencing lung issues or found to have liver issues..... have since been tested for A1AD and found to be deficient? I am looking for any studies, papers, personal stories in this area. Any info would be gratefully accepted.
  3. Hi, Sorry I'm late responding. I have only recently returned to the boards. I have a couple of things to say about fat pads over the collar bones. First is to make sure they are fat pads. You say they are tender, to make sure its not swollen glands, hunch your shoulders up to your ears and feel inside your collarbone for any hard lumps. If this test shows no hard lumps then it most likely is fat pads. One of the most common reasons for fat pads over the collar bones is stress. Cortisol is our stress hormone. So it certainly wont hurt to have cortisol levels checked.
  4. Yeah So after 20 years of procrastinating i finally went and did it !!!
  5. I would have thought doctors would be thankful that their patients take an interest in their own health. But instead i get the feeling that because you dont fit the text book case you must be making it up !!! Maybe they think because we read things on the internet and learn out our illnesses that we come up with symptoms to fit the illness. Only problem there is we have the symptoms first, which leads us to searching for an answer ! I'm going to be asking my GP if i can have my Vitamin B12 folate and ferritin levels checked. I wont be surprised if she says no. Working together wit
  6. Sooooo Irritable, im sure im driving everyone insane !!!!

  7. Major crappy day today :(

  8. From First Symptom I am Deb, a 50 yr old woman who has been well relatively unwell for the past 2 years, mega worse in the last 6 months ( i havnt worked for 6 months now ). I have been to so many doctors had so many tests. The result was always increase meds, then increase them again. You see I have diabetes. My parents both have High blood pressure. So it was not unreasonable for me to have high blood pressure as well. 2 yrs ago i started Vomiting ( thought it was gastro, didnt bother going to the doc, he couldnt do anything ), only problem was it kept going on and on...intermittan
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