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  1. I took one pill of Cymbalta for my Fibromyalgia and it threw me into an adrenal crisis. I had Cushing's, had pituitary surgery, then a bilateral adrenalectomy, leaving me with Addison's. I take hydrocortisone every day to stay alive. Most of the time I have no trouble, but that Cymbalta threw me for a loop. I had major bad diarrhea, nausea, dizziness, foggy brained, and I think I had a headache. I was a mess! As Melly said, you could be cyclical, and sometimes we go from one extreme to the other. It can be pretty brutal at times!
  2. Sorry I missed all of this. It was crazy here. We were sick all week, and had a funeral to go to on Cushing's awaremess day. I missed everything. You can add mine to the list though. Grace, Mt. Vernon, OH Pituitary surgery 8/2008 Bilateral Adrenalectomy 5/2009
  3. Hey your birthday is the day before mine.

  4. I guess you better change your profile name to anything but "fatnsassy"! You look absolutely wonderful!

  5. Gracie, long time. Your avatar pic is showing a different face to the one we all knew...you're looking great and I hope feeling good too. I know youhave problems with your kiddies health and hope that things soon get sorted out for them. Best wishes


  6. When I was first out of surgery, I did the 3 doses thing. I eventually went to 2 doses, because it didn't seem any different than 3, when I got low on my hydro. I'm only on 10 mg. total, with my BLA. I split it by 7.5 at 7AM and 2.5 at 2PM. If I went back to 3 doses, I'd do 5/2.5/2.5. I think it's easier for me to take 2 doses, and then I'm done with it. LOL!
  7. If it's a type 2 diabetes drug, what would it do to you if you don't have type 2 diabetes, or any type diabetes? Mess up your insulin and make you hypoglycemic?
  8. Ooo,ooo,ooooo! Please do see if you can find a paper on that! It would make total sense to me as to why my testing was the way it was. 1. My percent free cortisol was really low. Like 1.9% or something similar. I'd have to look. Everyone should have more than that free, het my cortisol binding globulin was not high. 2. My IPSS results were weird. I definitely had sky high ACTH on my IPSS. It was 2,000 something, but my cortisol only went up to 22!??! Weird! You'd think with ACTH in the 2,000 range, I'd have cortisol into the hundreds! I've always thought this was weird, but never had an answer for it! 3. I had a VERY hard time catching highs! Yet, I had MANY symptoms of Cushing's. I ultimately proved it, and I'm doing well in recovery. I'm only on 10 mg. of hydrocortisone with no adrenals, and at times feel that is too much. Yet, I don't feel I have rest tissue. Thanks so much for sharing this information with us, and I hope that doc can share an article about it! That would help SO MANY Cushing's patients. Many people have similar cases to mine, and this might be their issue as well! Hugs, Gracie
  9. Are there still magnets with the Cushing's ribbon? I've been meaning to buy one, but I always forget when I'm at the computer!
  10. You are one of my favorite people on these boards...so uplifting, supportive and full of wonderful wisdom and advice...thank you!

  11. I'm a fan of 3T's. I'm one who didn't show much of anything on a 1.5T, but my tumor was spotted on the 3T MRI! Glad the thinking might be changing along those lines. Thanks for sharing!
  12. I did a lot of research on toxins a few years ago. On a daily basis, we deal with over 150 chemicals that our grandparents were never exposed to. It's everywhere around us! Our homes are filled with chemicals! Carpet, vinyl flooring, and varnish on wood flooring or cabinets/furniture.... they all have and release chemicals. I decided which chemicals I thought I could reasonably try to eliminate from my every day use. The others, I just have to live with. I think the only way to get away from them is to live in a house with dirt floors or at least natural wood with no finish. All hand made, along with hand made clothes made with home spun cotton that's not dyed or chemically treated in any way. No fabric softener, only home made detergent (it still involves chemicals), no body wash or shampoo that smells good. We need to eat foods only grown in our gardens, and eat meat that we raise to make sure there are no steroids in it! That also means milking our own cows and having our own chickens. The list goes on and on. Our modern world that makes everything so nice for us is also poisoning us. I don't see where we have much choice in the matter. On some things, we do, but not everything is feasible for everyone. I agree, I think the chemicals have caused a lot of the disease and conditions we see today. Some of us are more sensitive to these chemicals than others.
  13. Sally, I'm not exactly sure what you want, but here's an article that has a section about adrenal pathology in Cushing's. Click here for the link. Hugs, Gracie
  14. Thank you again for the time you have taken with me.


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