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  1. BLA in Sept. if all goes well.

    1. smilez133


      Congrats! Me too!

    2. lizabug


      When and where will you be having your surgery?


    3. Nillie


      Good for you, congratulations!

  2. What is the long term prognosis for people who have had a BLA? What are the death rates down the road for people who have had BLA's compared to people who have not?
  3. If you have already had unsuccesful pituitary surgery and you are moved to BLA what, if any, are the consequences of any residual tumor on the pituitary?
  4. 1. If a person goes without sleep for at least 24 hours, followed by 2-3 hours of sleep, and repeats the process on consecutive nights, could they inadvertantly "reset" their internal clock and thus disrupt their diurnal rhythm for an extended time? 2. If this is possible wouldn't their cortisol levels be flipped around and they would have high midnight serums and low daytime serums?
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