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  1. this is fabulous! can you please provide the link to the article? thanks!
  2. Diane, your writing brings us right inside of you. thank you for sharing yourself. i have often felt the same feelings that you so eloquently described.
  3. LorrieI

    down a few spoons

    Dr F. thinks there still might be hope for me increasing my energy with some more adequate hormone replacement. it certainly is a nice thought.
  4. LorrieI

    battle with depression

    Well, its only been a few days, but so far so good....no side effects to speak of.
  5. LorrieI

    battle with depression

    Thanks, Adrienne. I did wean off of them. You're right, that is important. I didn't have any side effects from the weaning. My psychiatrist put me on Effexor today. Here's to hoping.............
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