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  1. this is fabulous! can you please provide the link to the article? thanks!
  2. thats great! i contacted my congresswoman quite some time ago about this. do you think i should again?
  3. Diane, your writing brings us right inside of you. thank you for sharing yourself. i have often felt the same feelings that you so eloquently described.
  4. LorrieI

    down a few spoons

    Dr F. thinks there still might be hope for me increasing my energy with some more adequate hormone replacement. it certainly is a nice thought.
  5. extremely impressive! thank you!
  6. LorrieI

    battle with depression

    Well, its only been a few days, but so far so good....no side effects to speak of.
  7. LorrieI

    battle with depression

    Thanks, Adrienne. I did wean off of them. You're right, that is important. I didn't have any side effects from the weaning. My psychiatrist put me on Effexor today. Here's to hoping.............
  8. jane, i work giving flu shots every year. I have not been told that everyone with autoimmune disorders cannot be vaccinated. However, you should talk to your doctor first if you have any neurological disorders like Multiple Sclerosis or Guillain Barre Syndrome. Those allergic to eggs should not receive the shot. Leroy, try using your "view new posts" button at the top right side of each page. There has been lots of discussion about flu shots over the past month.
  9. patients with cushing's or post cushing's patients should get a flu shot. They are at high risk. BLA pt's should definately get a flu shot.
  10. Sue, with your history of bronchitis/pneuomonia you are at very high risk. You need that shot. At least in my area, clinics are still being held at the senior centers....could you possibly slip in line there?
  11. This is not good. My flu shot coordinator is still in the dark and awaithing the CDC for direction.
  12. I work at flu shot clinics every year. I am also the first in line. It is important for us that have decreased immune systems to get the flu shot. fyi....the vaccine is a little late this year, but there will be enough for everyone.
  13. Hi Mary, FYI.....my topic in "Recurrances" The unthinkable has happened, to me has lots of duplicate posts and the posts are out of order. thanks!
  14. Great! I'll do that. I have a question too. If I pay for a pin, could CUSH officially send it to Dr. F. for his continuous support to Cushing's patients?
  15. Do we still have pins?
  16. I wore my pin to work the other day and I had the opportunity to share information about Cushing's with one of the Medical Assistants of one of the docs I work for. What a wonderful thing.
  17. I just got my cup w/ candy and it is great!! I have been pretty depressed today, and it was a very nice surprise on my doorstep this afternoon. It will now become my official coffee mug to start each day.
  18. My mug is on it's way........ That would be great if we had personalized stuff, Mary.
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