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  1. Hi All! Long time lurker first time poster! Haha. Fellow hard to diagnose, crazy symptom having Cushie here. Like the rest of you I wanted so badly to do something for our community. Every person I have met in the Cushing's support and awareness world is so kind, supporting and welcoming all while hurting. It makes me almost proud to be a part of it. Too bad we can't just be a group of awesome AND healthy people. I didn't know what to do with my tiny little voice in such a big community. I realized that I could help by sharing the tips and tricks I have learned to help mediate the physical aspects of the changes that come with Cushing's. So many times they go over looked because they are seen as unimportant in the grand scheme of things but feeling as beautiful as you actually are is so important. I don't know if it's a no no to post a link to an outside blog here and if I am violating any rule I missed I am so so sorry. I started a blog all about how to combat the acne, stretch marks, hair loss and all those sort of things. It's a super positive site all about hope and remembering how strong every single one of us in this battle is. The site is (and this is the part I don't know if i'm allowed to do) www.theclassycushie.com It's just beginning but has the support and backing of a few awareness campaigns so that's a big yay! I would love it if people would be able to get some helpful information and am eager to here from the rest of the community any tips or tricks they have learned. It's a place to go when you need a boost and maybe some answers you haven't found on the "smaller" issues. I couldn't find any so I became my own test subject and I posted my own! Mary, Kate Myers and Dr. F. (who I just started seeing and no idea the connection until it all collided) are my three wisemen (and women) that have motivated me, comforted me, and encouraged me without ever knowing it. I am hoping to give a bit of that back in the only way I know how. Sooo, that's that. I hope just one person takes a peak and gets a break through in even the tiniest of areas. I admire my fellow Cushie's and their supporters so much! I'm finally brave enough to stop lurking and to be part of the gang haha
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