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  1. Yes, You Need a Medical Alert Bracelet!


    #3 DO NOT MAKE IT “PRETTY” OR “NOT SO OBVIOUS”. I can not stress this enough. Ladies I know that you want the cute ones that look like normal bracelets, and have pretty charms, etc on them… THE ENTIRE point of a medical alert bracelet is that someone needs to see it and know that they should look at it. If it looks like a regular bracelet or regular necklace and it isn’t obvious within the first 3 seconds once we get to you and look in the obvious places (neck/wrist). it will NOT get seen. I promise you, we are too busy trying to play the guessing game of why you are not responding, than to take a look at every single piece of regular jewelry and see if it might have a really small inscribing of what is wrong with you. Once again. Make it noticeable. We will see that we need to look at it. Once we do. The guessing game is more than likely OVER. and we can begin to treat you appropriately.

    Read more at https://cushieblog.com/2017/07/18/yes-you-need-a-medical-alert-bracelet/

    1. NotSoCushie


      So true Mary. I was in Germany when I went into adrenal crisis at the airport. The paramedics didn't speak English that well. I was close to syncope and had to mime my finger going into the crook of my elbow to make them understand I needed an IV immediately. I did have an obvious medic alert bracelet on, but found out later through the medic alert foundation that Germany isn't part of their program and therefore didn't recognize my bracelet. Not every country participates in the medic alert program.  I was told, I should have had a letter with the pertinent details of my medical condition on me and written in the language of the place I was traveling to. Good advice for future travel. Had that country been a part of the medic alert program it would have been so much easier for them to read the bracelet and proceed. Unless you are in that position you have no idea how terrifying it is when you can't convey the information you need. I was going into shock  and my mouth was drying out so bad, I couldn't speak. I didn't think they would figure it out in time. Time is everything in crisis. That's why an obvious medic alert bracelet is needed.  

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