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  1. So someone who doesn't get a high on this test means that cushing's of any type is excluded? can it even exclude intermittent cushing's?
  2. I had that done. I don't know its reference values but I was told it was "normal". I included it in my general history for my new Doc. (some users here will know him, he's a cushing's expert and used to work at the U.S.), he still strongly considered cushing's nevertheless after examining my history and seeing me in person. Currently marathon testing in UFC.
  3. Well, to be honest, it rises but very slightly, only to 120's and 130's but never more so it can't be considered hypertensive..
  4. When Im actually stressed (not the random surges i get from suspected hypercortisolemia) blood pressure is NEVER a good indicator for me, it just doesnt rise. Guess not every symptom is for every body. I get however many other of the symptoms which i also get randomly without any physical or mental stressor
  5. That's interesting, I wonder if traumas can contribute to creation of pit tumors.
  6. Would there be any possibility to somehow make the database of threads accessible through some file sharing host? The information posted here is a goldmine and I gotta say (literally) my life depends on it. sad news to hear
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