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  1. how you doing mel ?? and baby

  2. I've always split my doses into 3 - that's the advice given by endo's as standard over here in the UK. I always found it odd that in the US you usually take 2 doses a day, it worries me because I can't help thinking all of you that are on 2 doses must feel awful for a big chunk of the day! I take 10/2.5/2.5 at waking, then around 12 and last dose around 5pm and though the dose has altered several times I still stick to the same time scale.
  3. The fact that her cortisol "spontaneously dropped to 7.2 mcg prior to surgery" begs the question does/did she have aberrent receptors reacting to LH/HCG like I did? I bet they didn't even test the gland after surgery to see if was reacting to anything specific. The dose of 250mg of Metyrapone was probably too small to alter her cortisol levels anyway, that's only one pill a day! Good find though Mary.
  4. I know it's an emotive issue, but in any National health service there has to be limits. This lady has also previously had IVF treatment but the article didn't state whether that was NHS funded or if they paid privately for it - IMO services like IVF and a few others that I don't really want to get into an argument about should NOT be paid for by taxpayers but they are. The difference in this story is that it's an argument about a life extending drug NOT a life saving drug - plus the drug company hasn't applied for it to be used in the way this lady's consultant wants it to be used so they
  5. How exciting! Do try to find out where the blood will be getting sent. I find it ironic that your family's blood is getting sent here and bits of one of my dodgy adrenals are getting sent to the US - playing swaps lol! Here's hoping all this research will do some good in the future.
  6. Hello lady with da baby xxx

  7. I lost most of the belly fat (before I got preggers lol!) but stil have spare skin (copious amounts of it!) and a pocket of fat that I just know will not go away without surgery - the apron that hangs down with the spare skin is where that fat pocket is. I think that because of the way the fat is distributed with Cushings that it would be very difficult to get rid of it all - there's only so many stomach-crunches you can do in a day! So I suppose that I do agree with the article, unfortunately. I have no idea what those receptors are that were mentioned.
  8. I just listened to it - I now know why you all think he's great!
  9. ah somebody from UK! been reading your posts...let me know your story. whats levels ect..did you have? congrats on ur weight loss success!!! Clarke.

  10. It's the "OR" placed inbetween, like any of these tests are completely diagnostic 1st time around that's getting up my nose - he needs to keep up to date....bet he doesn't believe in Cyclic Cushings either!
  11. The health police are going to get you! They've been talking about limiting health care for smokers and overweight people here for a few years now - yet they increase funding to "help" drug addicts and alcoholics...because it's an illness ( it's not self-inflicted in any way of course!). Even though employers do not fund personal health care here a lot of them are also saying no to employees who smoke or are obviously overweight as they say it makes a big impact on the amount of absenteeism in the workforce. Personal choices are being eroded all the time sadly.
  12. Hiya there! I'm not too bad - just come out of a rough few days, but even those are better than when I had Cushings lol! Hope you are better too?! XXX

  13. Hey Girl! How are ya? Just wanted to say hi!

  14. Yay Cindy!!! Another "med-celeb" to add to the Cushy ranks lol!
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