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  1. Happy Birthday Cushings-Help.com!!!!!!!!!! I would like to say thank you to Mary and to everyone here for all the support throught the years. Mary- Thank you for starting Cushings Support and all youre tireless work- With out of all the information that is here and board members support, i most probaly would never have been able to wean off steroids. I wouldn't have known what to expect through all the stages of recovery and be prepared for it. There is so much more i would like to say, but the damm cognitve function is a bit slow to put the words together. Your work is appreci
  2. Donation sent- Thank you MaryO, i would have gone crazy without the support of the Cushings website. I have made many friends here who have helped me through the recovery and am forever gratefull!!! Anka
  3. http://emedicine.medscape.com/article/1170469-overview I have been tying for hrs is this link any help??? I'm on a mission to find it for you. Anka
  4. That was my pleasure Mustangsally, I found the artical very interesting..........Below i will add my post opp diagnosis on adrenal gland for extra information on adrenal mass. I had a partial adrenalectomy 18 months ago (Left adrenal gland). The mass measured 4.6cmx3.3 x3. The principal diagnosis- Adrenal cortical Adenoma - cortisole secreting. I only found out months later that they left a slither of my adrenal. Wether it is a good thing or not, i don't know. Best wishes Anka
  5. Hi, This is all i could find. Is this what you are after??? Page 2 154J.P.J.E. Sels et al. I Pseudo-accessory spleenCase historiesCase 1The first patient was a man, born in 1957. Hecomplained of episodes of changed behavior, con-sisting of aggressive mood, stubbornness and agita-tion without coma or epileptiform attacks. Theattacks were characterized additionally by generalmalaise, loss of concentration and retrograde am-nesia. There was no history of palpitations or profusesweating. These complaints were more frequent afterprolonged fasting and in the morning, and theyimproved after eating
  6. Yes, quote " If we ran a fat Olympics we'd be gold medal winners as the fattest people on earth at the moment," My youngest son is one of them, my other 2 children have never been fat. I have taken him may times to different doctors for blood tests and asked them to talk to him about the risks of beeing heavy. So what happens they do the blood tests which come back normal, then they say Joe everythings is great just eat less. Now the thing is he eats a lot, a lot of good food. I have tried to get him to eat smaller portions and he just about cracks it. He is 20 and about 140 kilos. M
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