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  1. Thanks Robin, I was listening when is was talking about hyperplasia and it cut out and started to buffer again. This is really something I wanted to hear about. I can't wait to listen. Thanks again.
  2. I wasn't able to listen it kept buffering. Does anyone know how soon will it be available to download?
  3. What role does hyperplasia play in being cured or not cured after pituitary surgery and why? Can you explain exactly what hyperplasia is?
  4. Thanks Robin, I had severe DI for 5 days after my first surgery, but not so bad after the second. I did however tell my husband that this is the worst I have felt since being in the hospital. I told him if I do not feel better by tomorrow that I want to go to the ER to get this checked. I have been feeling a lot like I did with the DI. The headache, body aches, cotton mouth, uncontrollable thirst, fatigue, and going to the bathroom a lot. You are always so helpful. We really do appreciate you. Thanks again. PennyL
  5. SFAM...Sister's From Another Mother!!! Hi Sis, just wanted you to know you are the greatest!! Have a great YEAR!! This will be the one for you!!! Love you bunches, Lorri

  6. Wow Cindy, I always knew you were special!!!
  7. I'm not sure, the article is on the reference page it?s titled: Diagnosis and Complications of Cushing?s Syndrome: A Consensus Statement
  8. That is because I spelled it wrong. It should be creatinine. I found the article and this stupid brain of mine had it all backwards. It says: Urinary creatinine may also be measured to verify the adequacy of the urine collection. If glomerular filtration rate is less than 30 ml/min, the urinary cortisol excretion is decreased and may thus be normal despite the presence of excessive cortisol production. But thanks for trying Lorri, {{{{{{Luv ya}}}}}} PennyL
  9. I remember reading somewhere that some 24 UFC's that are within the normal range but have a creatine ratio over 50 should be consider as high. Does anyone else remember this? If so, can you please help me find it? Thanks PennyL
  10. I too agree with Susan. I think there is plenty of research available; it just is not being read by anyone but those who are suffering from it. I think Cushings needs to be brought to the forefront. It needs more media attention; more people need to know how much we have to suffer to get a diagnosis, and then how much more we have to suffer to get cured. My 18 year old son was reading some of my posts and responses and he said "Mom, you should just go on a diet, start working out and gain more weight, oh never mind because then the doctors would just tell you that your not being honest
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