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  1. Hi Alicia,


    When I had my rapid weight gain my boobs went from a B-cup straight to DD/DDD territory, bypassing C and D almost entirely. I've always joked that the one advantage to my weight gain is now having a set of "knockers". Ha! But now I'm afraid if I were to lose the weight they would be hanging to my knees. Yikes. But as of right now, they go with my Buddha-belly so I'll just cross that bridge when and if I get there. :saucer_anim2:





  2. That poor lady! I agree with you all about her Cushing's being present before she started the drug. Just one more sad story about one of us not being diagnosed properly and it leading to further damage and complications down the road due to improper treatment. I was getting the impression from the article that she was blaming the Fen-phen for many of her problems, but so many are likely Cushing's related, i.e. the sleep apnea, the depression, the crumbling teeth. (one of my least favorite symptoms...I really am going to look like I'm from KY if this keeps up!) I'm not denying that the drug caused bad things to happen...just that it was compounded by this awful disease.


    I have a close friend who took the drug for quite a while. I worry about her because after stopping the drug, she cannot stay warm. She freezes nearly constantly, even in the summer months. There's no telling what sort of damage it did.


    MJ, my mom took Vioxx as well. She developed unexplained arrhythmias and erratic b/p that stumped the Cardios she saw. It was only after stopping the drug that she realized that was what was causing her mysterious ailment.


    Sure are some scary drugs out there!

  3. It's true, they do call this the "Ugly Disease" and I can see why. It's not that we're ugly people, but this disease is so awful and part of its power is to make us feel ugly and give drs an excuse to dismiss us.


    I like the graphic. Its colors are eye-catching and the phrase "ugly disease" is just shocking enough to give someone pause and make them ask "what is this?"...exactly what you want them to do.


    Thank you so much for sharing! You have quite a talent and I'm looking forward to seeing more.





  4. - 2mm tumor on right side of pit

    - 24 hr UFC: 7.4, 17OHS: 8.0

    - Midnight Serum Cortisol: 2.2; CBG: 4.3

    - AM Serum Cortisol: 14

    - ACTH: 20

    - Central hypothyroidism


    Endo: Dr. F

    Suspicion of cyclical Cushing's or hypopituitarism


    Symptoms: Scalp hair loss, purple striae, 90 lb weight gain, weakness in limbs, round red face, buffalo hump, acne, slight hirsutism on neck and chest, fatigue, joint aches, insulin resistance, periodic episodes of high blood pressure


    2002 - dx with Bell's Palsy

    2003 - dx with carpal tunnel, hypothyroid

    2006 - dx with Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis (serum negative)

    2007 - dx with PTSD

  5. Hi Mari,


    I'm really terribly ignorant about the legalities of this, but it has been my experience that certain doctors' offices will require you to sign a written release before sending your test results to you. I believe that by law you are entitled to one free copy of your test results, however due to HIPAA regs I think it is sometimes difficult to get them. One doc's office refused to fax my results and would only send them via snail mail after I had signed a consent form saying they could release my results. To me!! DUH!


    Unfortunately, it seems like they don't want to make anything easy on us! Best of luck...I hope they don't delay sending your results much longer!





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