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  1. I came across this post the other day and joined. They are still doing the $5 bonus if a purchase is made with in the first 45 days after signing up. I do A LOT of shopping online so I see no reason why I can't help out this site in the process!! There was an AVON post the other day, I have never used anything AVON before, but after clicking on the link I found out that AVON is one of the MANY igive stores so I will be ordering from AVON here in the near furture! Also, igive.com offers a search engine and everytime you use it, they will donate $.01 to this site! I think igive.com is another great opportunity for us to raise money doing what we already do!! Heres a link to sign up under our cause... http://www.iGive.com/html/refer.cfm?member...p;causeid=17825
  2. As some of you already know, my husband is in the Air Force and we MIGHT be relocating to Vegas soon. I was wondering if any of you know of a good Endo here? I looked under the Helpful Drs but didn't find anything for NV.
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