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  1. How is the testing going? Hope all is well(0:

  2. very good article- i forwarded it to my dad and will give it to the shrink this week. thank u!! lesley
  3. Karen- i'm sorry going to miss an interesting chat tonite. I love the blog chats but won't be able to be there tonite...... Jewish Holiday- Purim not that I feel good enough for any celebrating.oh well... lesley
  4. thanks for answering some of my questions......great listening
  5. that was soooo cool! Jen you were great- hope to hear from you soon!! lesley
  6. Thanks for the support(0:

  7. Thanks for the link: but the article Dr. L wrote was a bit upsetting.. "The high rate of recurrent symptoms after TSA, in combination with the aforementioned observations, implies that hypothalamic dysfunction may play a central role in the pathophysiology of this condition.10 The role of TSA in patients with an unequivocal diagnosis of cyclic CS remains uncertain. Beckers et al.3 and Shapiro et al.15 have reported that patients with cyclic CS suffer symptom recurrence after TSA. Based on these reports, TSA cannot be recommended as definitive treatment. Prospective studies of
  8. i'm really interested in this study.... HELP??? how is the creatine /cortisol ratio calculated and is there a number that the drs might consider suspicious for cushie? and..... is that for 24 hr UFC or blood test?
  9. sorry if i'm being a bit slowwww - can u explain from the article how cortisol/creatine ratios work?? does that help in the dx? is there a magic number? how do u calculate this ratio? thanks
  10. whatever happened with the mri results???

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