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  1. hi cindy it does give me some kind of hope when i hear what you said tc joxx

  2. Just stopped by to catch up. You have been through a lot! I'm glad you are over the worst. Thanks for the inspiration and pep talks!

  3. Oh wow, I can't believe you had to go through all that, glad you made it back, finally!!!

  4. Sounds like a winner. I'll keep ya'll posted! Ha! Cindy 1 Robin 0
  5. I'll throw my hat in here. I'm supposed to have sinus surgery sometime soon, since a CSF leak was ruled out. Yeah!. But once I get all over that, I'd be happy to do an interview if you'd have me. Do you mind a Kentucky southern accent? I like to say "ya'll" a lot. I'll keep you updated when I have my surgery scheduled & will be ready to go post-op. Great program you have going here. It's so wonderful to hear everyone's unique story! Hugs, Cindy
  6. Nice find, girl. Very easy to read. I believe I'll print this one out & have my Mom read this since she has been wanting something to read about Cushing's and everything was so complicated, explaining the HPA axis and such... I knew it would be total Greek to her. Thanks for sharing your find. Hugs, Cindy P.S. I do have to agree, the 80% is a bit too optimistic!
  7. Wow! I am so proud of you! You did a fantastic job explaining Cushing's & I loved the visuals they used to explain how Cushing's work. That was a top notch news story!! I'm sure that there were some folks watching and called their docs the next day! You look beautiful and so happy. Thanks for spreading the word!! Hugs, Cindy P.S. Betcha' gave your Dad a big smooch for helping you figure out what was possibly wrong with you. Kudos to Dad!!!
  8. I have been wondering about her and how she has been. Bless her heart. She endured so much pain for so long, but she did help raise awareness about pituitary tumors and was able to make a good living at it. May she now rest in peace.
  9. Yep, I tried Phen-Fen too back in 1996. Loved the stuff. I was absolutely amazed how easy it was to lose weight on it. I NEVER had an appetite. At that time I didn't have much to lose so I was on it only for 3 months. I actually got pregnant and had to stop anyway. (Was feeling pretty frisky after regaining my figure!) It worried me about the health of my child, but he was OK thankfully. After I had my son, I wanted to get back on it to just lose the baby weight. Right about that time was when they discovered it caused PPH, so I never used it again. So sad to hear a story
  10. Robin, I found your article fascinating! Of course having hyperplasia, it is a concern of mine. I did find it particularly interesting that estrogen excess can be a cause of hyperplasia, and especially the fact that it can sometimes be reversed! Wow! I started looking up some info on path reports because some of the terminology I am not familiar with. (I was just looking for the words "positive for ACTH staining") So I looked up some histology info. It shows some great slides of what normal tissue looks like, vs hyperplasia (expanded acini) and adnenoma tissue. Also Violet, I f
  11. Oh yeah! I love my Vitamin D!!! After I started taking it, I could tell a marked difference not only in my physical but also my mental well being!!
  12. Thanks for all the kind & uplifting messages!! I loved reading them all! I was so excited about it, I just had to share. When I e-mailed Dr McC back to telll him that I would be happy to help him with his report, I LITERALLY had goose bumps! Collaberating with the great Dr McC is definitely a gift amongst all the trials & tribulations I have (and continue to) deal with. If it weren't for this board & all of you guys helping me through this process, I wouldn't have ever known about Dr McC. And for that, I thank you. And it is my hope that with each one of us who have o
  13. Dr McC is the most amazing doctor on earth! I sent him an e-mail and within 10 minutes , he e-mailed me back! Unbelievable! He gave me some great advice regarding my case and he he told me that he wants to publish a case study about me in one of the NeuroSurgical Journals! Wow, I'm going to be published!! Hey SusanM & Melanie, I get to be like you guys!! I guess it is one perk we get for going through all this carp, huh! Here's my e-mail I sent him & just below is Dr. McC's reply. Here's his reply.....
  14. Good ol' Harvey has made such a difference in my life, that's for sure! I am so grateful. I have tried to educate my friends & family about this disease as much as I can, but what really amazes me is how many people in the medical field do not know about Cushing's. Over the past year, I have been to many different doctors, and have been asked "What is Cushing's". I had blood drawn just last week & the phlebotomist asked "What is Cushing's?". I had a bone density test, the tech was asking me what Cushing's was. I had a CT scan last week, the X-Ray technician asked "What is Cushin
  15. Thanks for the support(0:

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