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  1. How about any new treatment for adrenal cushings as I have the inherited kind and some family members have or are showing signs of it. Violet
  2. Judy, I think they are finally figuring out that cushing's is genetic. NIH is looking into the micronodular adrenal hyperplasia. My grandaughter is probably going to NIH for further testing as she has been diagnosed withcushing's too. Will be looking forward to these studies. Violet
  3. Amanda I also wanted to add that I was put on Triam/hydrochlorizide and it worked wonders when all the other meds failed. Also spirolactone (sp). I never used this one. But maybe you can ask your doctor if they might help. After BLA I am done with both Cushings and Conn's. Violet
  4. Amanda, I had both hyperaldosteronism and cushings. There is a site you can go to. You will probably be asked to join but costs nothing and Dr Grim should be able to answer most of your questions and point you to many articles he's written. Go to Yahoo, then click on groups (on the left side) and type in hyperaldosteronism. Hope this helps. I have not been on the site for probably a year but if you have more questions you can pm me. Violet
  5. Thanks Mary! I have a daughter that lives in Annandale and her kids have been big into sports so I am sure they know him. I'm going to send a e-mail copy of the article to my daughter. Violet
  6. Robin. This is the first time (beside my path report) that I found anything about rare corticotroph and Crooke's hyaline changes and rare basophils. All this was part of my pathology report. So in other words it was some kind of rare hyperplasia? Anyone else have this kind? Thanks, Robin
  7. I had my pit surgery with Dr S and I saw him later on a TV program about Anatomy of a giant. Violet
  8. This is interesting as my daughter used to work at Medtronics in their research lab. Mostly with animals. Hope they can come up with better meds instead of metformin or insulin. Violet
  9. I saw the WS endo and he said I had syndrome X. So even If the MRI had shown a tumor he probably would not have been any more impressed to diagnose cushings. We need more GOOD doctors! Violet
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