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  1. Been taking my Vitamin D and the stuff the doctor gave me for my skin, and my face is clearing up nicely (the redness and acne scarring aside of course) and I'm feeling slightly less achy. Just had confirmed that my doctor wants to speak to me about my prolactin results, so I have a telephone appointment next Monday. I don't know what the issue with my prolactin is, only that it mustn't be a 'normal' result as I'm never asked to contact my doctor for normal results! Just told via text that the results are in and there's 'no action required'.

    1. jasminesky


      I feel like I'm going a little bit crazy, I know Monday isn't far away but I'm gonna be a ball of stress until I speak to the doctor about my results.

  2. Had an appointment with my GP this morning, most of my results have yet to come back, so I will be seeing her again once I'm back off holiday, but she did prescribe me some vitamin D tablets (20000 units twice a day for ten days and 20000 units once a day for a further ten days) to take in the mean time as those results had come back and were low! Maybe I will start saying goodbye to some fatigue/aches & pains soon!

  3. Just a personal update to keep track of things.

    As far as testing for PCOS goes I had an ultrasound of my pelvic area yesterday, and some blood tests (various ovarian/pituitary hormones plus vitamin D) this morning. Will wait for results and see what my GP says soon hopefully!

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    2. MaryO


      When will you see your GP for news?

    3. jasminesky


      I have an appointment with her on Thursday morning, so thankfully I don't have too much of a wait (it can take three weeks to get an appointment sometimes!)

    4. MaryO


      That's great!  

      I hope you get some good answers.  Cushing's can (often, but not always) be such a waiting game :( 

  4. I'm very new to this site, but one of the first things I did was read through your story. It's inspiring to see how many people's lives you touched, and heartbreaking to read through what happened during your last few months. I hope you are at peace, and I wish you a very happy birthday!

    1. MaryO


      Thank you for this, Jasminesky.  Sue was indeed a very special person who touched everyone she met.  I miss her all the time.

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