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  1. lise

    Hi there ..Not sure if I wrote you .I am fairly new here and dont quite know where to go from here .. I am looking to talk to someone with cushings in my area .. I am 30 min fom ottawa .. I am sure you replied to one of my posts ..please try and contact me .. I am dying from this stupid cushings I am sure that is what I have .

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    2. lise


      Thank you Shaw for the encouragement . I cant wait ..Feeling pretty down these days ... Thanks again .

    3. lise


      Hi Shaw .. I got it finaly diagnosed with cushings sydrom .. Cant wait for the surgery .. 

    4. Shaw


      That's fantastic news! Life without Cushing's is so much more fun, and calm. Hopefully the wait isn't too long. I had surgery within 3 months of getting my diagnosis so it was too bad. I was put on ketoconazole (an anti-fungal medication that lowers cortisol levels) for the 3 months before surgery so that lowered my cortisol levels to closer to normal and I started seeing improvements then. I'm really really excited for you!

  2. Hi Sallyc .. I am 30 minutes from Ottawa . are you diagnosed .. I am still trying to get used to the site . I need help .. I need to connect with someone ..

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