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    Hello Again

    Trust me be persintant because it will pay off. You are the one who knows if something is not right and I know it is hard to go through so many tests with no diagnosis, but there will be that one test that will give you what you've been waiting to hear. That is what it took for me to get diagnosed with Cushings and it felt so great. Just over whelming relief to know it wasn't just in my mind and that there really was something wrong with me. Get a doctor who will listen to you and who will follow through and follow up with you. Keep us updated with how it is going.
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    Reading your entry makes me know exactly how you feel. I would lie awake for basically the whole night flipping through the TV channels, trying to find something new to look at on the internet. I was still working full time while going through all of this and so I would just go work at like 5:30am. My co-workers joked that once I started coming in at 4am they would start getting worried. I am still amazed that my body, anyone's body, can still function with so little sleep. Insomnia is the worst and it did not help my depression at all. I found that time in the dark hours of the night was a time to reflect about all the awful things I was dealing with. I am hoping you find some answer soon.
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    Took me a while...

    Hi I am new here and I know the frustration of so many tests and never hearing anything. All I can say is that you haveto find teh right doctor. Trust me that took me so long to do. I was even seeing one doctor who told me basically that it was all in my head and that I needed to go on a more extreme diet and try exercising more. I was exercising at least 5 hours a day trying to loose weight. Listen to your body and what it is telling you. I will pray that you find your answer soon. Try not to loose hope
  4. So it has been six months and a day since my surgery to remove the tumor on my pituitary gland. Those many months before surgery were hell and finalling finding a diagnosis was the greatest thing. I couldn't even trust myself with anything because I was so forgetful. I worked full time still and because I would only sleep like 4 hours at the most at night, I would just come to work. I usually would get to work at like 6am and work the full day in a zombie like state. I was going to the doctor about every week, just so they could make sure this was Cushings. Honestly all I wanted to do was jump to surgery and get on the road to recovery. All those tests, so many I lost count, just made me more frustrated with the doctors. My husband and I were newly weds and things were getting worse as the weeks went on. I didn't realize how depressed I was until now when I look back. Trust me looking back is not much fun, but I do it to see how far I have come these few months. How do you explain to people how hard it really is when they have never experienced something like this? That is why I reached out to this site, hoping that I could meet people who do understand that this is HARD. That yeah I have had surgery finally but things are far from over. There are still days when I can barely get out of bed. And I am trying to stay positive, but I worry it will come back.
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