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Status Updates posted by missaf

  1. Holy Adrenal Insufficiency, Batman! My 2 hour post-prandial blood sugar is 100!

    1. MCF


      what is it usually? I aim for about 100 at that point.

  2. is sporting a Kilt today! What a great way to celebrate 1 year after my 2nd pit surgery! Cushies in Kilts!

  3. Happy Veterans Day, especially to our Cushie Veterans! You're not forgotten!

  4. wishes her friends could really understand what she means by joint pain. Yes, it's that sprained ankle feeling, in EVERY joint! :(

  5. Don't forget to stock up on D3 for the winter!

  6. had a rough day yesterday and had to use her injectable for the first time ever.

    1. saberlowe
    2. missaf


      ooo found out why! Sinus infection and a cold! Ugh.

  7. My little boy is doing a walk to support a children's hospital here in California. If you'd like to help, send me a message!

    1. saberlowe


      Tried sending you a message, but your Inbox is full. I'd love to make a donation!

  8. Isn't this place contentious enough for a support group without negative feedback?

  9. is asking for prayer for a job test today.

    1. Nillie


      will pray for you! good luck!

    2. saberlowe
  10. sarcastically loves it when Cushing's causes massive pitted edema on her legs!

  11. had a great time with NancyJ tonight!!

  12. gets to meet NancyJ next week!

    1. saberlowe


      You girls are gonna have some crazy Cushie fun!

    2. NancyJ


      Yup! Come join us!

    3. saberlowe


      Sure wish I could!

  13. One of the bestest ladies on the planet. So glad to know you!

  14. It was so wonderful to meet you in Vegas, I can't wait for an excuse to get together again! Love ya!

  15. So glad to have you as a surgery buddy! You're an amazing and strong woman, and I'm glad to have met you :)

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