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  1. Karen, I just read in your signature that your surgery is... tomorrow! My thoughts and prayers are with you. You will be on the OTHER SIDE soon! YAY! And I must agree with Judy... I'm really enjoying this post. It's good to know you're not alone, although I wish it was under better circumstances. Loss of hope is a huge reason I become suicidal. This seems to pop up over and over again. I wish I could add more insightful words but since I'm in the same boat, I'm just here to commiserate and perhaps say nothing of any value. =/
  2. I truly believe the psychological aspects of this disease are rubbed raw by the dismissal and carelessness of the doctors. This I truly believe... good point, Jo.
  3. I'm with Dave... NOT SURPRISED! I have to laugh when the medical world makes "amazing new discoveries" that WE, the SUFFERERS, have known all along! Not sure if this is appropriate to bring up in this post, but I for one have struggled with suicidal thoughts and self-injury for about two years. Ironically, right around the time my symptoms ALL started intensifying. Thankfully this is under some measure of control and I realize that I don't want to die... I just don't want to live like this. Shutting up now!
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