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  1. Wayne was at the Magic convention in Chicago last year. He is a great guy!
  2. I am good for the 16th and 8:30 p.m. eastern time will work for me. I plan on having a PARTY that night! It is my ONE year surgery/cure anniversary!!! Yippee!
  3. Okay, I said I would do it at my 6 month post op and now I am headed for my 1 year appointment. I would be happy to do it, just give me a date. I have my appointment on October 1 and so maybe the week after would be a good time as I can then give a full update of my recovery. Just let me know. I will review the instructions if it is a go for me. Thanks Mary!
  4. Tomorrow is my 6 month post-op MRI and doc visits. Depending on outcome of that I would be willing. If it goes well I will be telling everyone of my CURE!! Willing listeners or not:) Stacey
  5. Cindy, Cindy, Cindy,,,my dear. You are something! I spent 6 years in graduate school and $130,000 in student loans and couldn't get even one of my papers published!!! Do you know how hard it is to get published? Always knew you were awesome. Love ya, Stacey
  6. We need the Oprah effect!!! Maybe an email campaign to her show ideas or go through Dr. Oz. I put in a suggestion already, but with all of us maybe we could get through. Look what she did for Barack. Maybe we could get to one of the presidential candidates. Healthcare is big issue for Hilary and Obama. Just thinking big. Stacey
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