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  1. Hello Mary & dear Cushing’s, I hope you are all doing well during this pandemic... I must tell you I got sick with COVID-19 since January 2021 and I’m still recovering with pneumonia... and I won’t lie if I say it has been the WORST disease I’ve ever had... even worse than my first PANHYPERPITUITARISM with Cushing’s Disease and now with my Cushing’s syndrome relapse... but thanks God I’m alive and recovering. I’m writing here because I found out that the GRACE trial of Relacorilant is delayed due to COVID-19 pandemic and that they are still enrolling participants... so I will le
  2. I know!! May her rest in peace!
  3. Hello Mary & Dear Cushies! Hoping you are all doing ok during this pandemic I ‘m sending blessings to all of you for this 2021 ... expecting this will be a better year for all of us!! As I’ve had so many delay with the procedures to get Isturisa, because as you know all Mexican public hospitals are closed only receiving COVID-19 patients... now I’ve spoken to an endo who told me about Relacorilant.... which is finishing this year the Phase 3 trials and expecting its approval by the end of the year... and guess what ? It’s a specific antagonist cortisol receptor !!! So it
  4. Hello Mary!! Thank you for replying!! It was a surprise for me having a relapse... I never knew or even heard it could happen... but last year I began to feel sooooo bad... and as I’ve had so many difficulties with the doctors I consulted the first time (I visited 40 doctors in ten years ... and only 3 of them understood my symptoms)... I decided to go to the laboratory by myself and asked them to perform the tests I thought I might have needed. And so I saw the cortisol beginning to increase ... but this January I presented a tachyarrhytmia sincope and although cardiologists i
  5. Hello Mary & dear Cushies!! I’ve just discovered this article two months ago and I was very pleased to speak directly to Dr. Gerardo Burton. He and his team developed a drug (21OH-6OP) which is a SPECIFIC antagonist for cortisol receptors, unlikely mifepristone which inhibits cortisol AND progesterone with so many undesired adverse effects. Unfortunately the pharmaceutical company didn’t choose this drug to start the clinical trials and so it is resting in Dr. Burton’s lab.... since 2007. The great humanity in Dr. Burton drop tears into my eyes when he told me that he w
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