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  1. I'm not diagonosed....but I will tune in....not so sure I do have cushing's anymore...my PCP is pointing me in the Hypothyroidism direction.
  2. It's not everyday that one admits that one has "problems"....but when problems arise in my life, they all come at once. I stopped taking my anti-depression med. because my PCP thought it would interfere with my potential Cushing's diagnosis...BIG MISTAKE! I found out the hard way what happens when you stop taking a medication that keeps you "even keel" as far as emotional stability goes. I had a meltdown....and it was the worst one I've ever experienced. But prior to stopping this medication, my PCP evaluated me and determined that I am not depressed as he originally thought......I'm "rapi
  3. This was me at the end of my appt. with the "Pre-tendo" Endo. Good Ole' Dr. Ellison....Graduate of UCLA School Of Medicine...What a SCHMUCK! So..why was I flaming mad? Because even after the good ole' Doc. took a looky-look at my first round of labs, he had the BALLS to ask me "Exactly how long have you been an alcoholic?" Excuse me???? Come Again???? MOI??? A Lush? I don't think so....Well, Dr. Ellison.....I don't drink.......and by the way, I have a wine intollorance. Dr. Ellison then preceeded to ask me... "But, are you SURE you don't drink?" Well....I'm sure that if you kn
  4. Dr. "Mc.G" sat in his round little "Doctor's" Chair and listened to me prattle on and on about this documentary that I had seen on the National Geographic Channel with the most comical look on his face.....I'm willing to bet he thought I was a hypochondriac at that moment.....or that maybe I was ready to head on out to Butner.....(Mental health hospital in Durham, NC) But, boy was I wrong...he actually was listening to me.....Good God.....I had my foot in the door. He had my blood drawn ...(For what seemed to be the 5th hundred time), and had it checked for a hormone called ACTH.....he al
  5. So for the last 14 years or so I've been dealing with health issues that I've had no idea where they came from or what was causing them. It started out when I was around 22 with mild headaches which really didn't bother me at the time because I could pop a few Tylenol and take care of it. Then, by the time I was 30 it slowly progressed into mild depression and anxiety....Now, I had never been depressed as a teen or in my early 20's so this was new to me....I attributed this "new issue" as a symptom of the bad relationship I had just gotten out of . (Thank You Mitch!!!) But no, it was
  6. Hmmm....I wonder if the use of Extasy in my wild late teens had any adverse effect on my system? Perhaps the root cause of my current medical symptoms?
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