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  1. It was nice talking to you too.

  2. I miss chatting with you. Hope you are doing well.

  3. It was nice chatting with you(0:

  4. Hope you are doing well(0:

  5. Good Morning..I have so much crap to do today. I have to call the office today.

  6. I will call you tomorrow its been a

    L O N G day.

  7. Thanks for the Birthday Wishes. So who is your doctor?

  8. Hope you stick around(0:

  9. You take it esay(0: How are you feeling? Do you feel any better or are you still low? Feel better soon.

  10. No not yet. I will keep you updated. How are you doing? I will be in the chat room around 7 730 west coast time though.

  11. Thanks for all of the support(0: How are you doing?

  12. Thanks for the supprot..how are you?

  13. Have you seen the brain doc yet???? Hope your doing okay!

  14. Thanks for the suport(0:

  15. It was nice meeting you(0:

  16. Whats going on? Anything new?

  17. Thanks for the support Melly. I think this soar throat is somthing else my neck hurts as well)0: Hopefully my doc will send me to the ENT. Hope all is well with you...and thanks(0:

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