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  1. Thanks for the support Melly. I think this soar throat is somthing else my neck hurts as well)0: Hopefully my doc will send me to the ENT. Hope all is well with you...and thanks(0:

  2. I am interested in Car magnents with our web adress on them. I was picking up pics the other day and had a broshure out in my car and saw a women who definitly looked like she had cushings she had a brown ring around her neck, and a hump and looked like she was misrable I just could not get enough self confidence to hand it to her so I followed her hoping she would park on the other side of the mall for lunch so I could put it on her wind shield. There has to be esier ways to walk up to people and aproach them. I think there needs to be a sticker just whith the web adress and a catchy phrase and another one for cushie support. I think one that had somthing catchy and then the web adress. I would do that.
  3. Hope you are doing Ok....I will pray for you and your family.

  4. Hope you are doing well(0:

  5. Banana Phone by Raffi

    Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring

    Banana phone

    Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring

    Banana phone

    I've got this feeling

    so appealing

    for us to get together and sing - SING!

    Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring

    Banana phone

    Ding dong ding dong ding dong ding

    Donana phone

    It grows in bunches

  6. Home yet? Hope your had a good time(0:

  7. Happy for you get more highs soon. (0: I had a nightmare apt with the ENT two fridays ago theres a post about it. xoxoxo

  8. Hope you come out of your low soon.

  9. Thanks for all of the support(0: I think I have been putting off going to get midnights set up at a hospital beacuase of axiety that they won't work with me. Thanks for all the help(0:

  10. Hope you are doing well(0:

  11. How is the testing going? Hope all is well(0:

  12. Third times the charm. Hope things move along fast. Hope you are getting some kind of pain relief.

  13. Feel better soon. I never knew peeing could be so disapointing. Hope all is well(0:

  14. Have the testing Blues...I do to.

  15. Thanks for the support(0:

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