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  1. I haven't seen your smiling face around. Just curious how you are doing after your surgery?

  2. Jada, Just thinking about you wondering how you have been feeling since surgery! :)

  3. Interesting article Mary, I may be wrong, but don't we accumulate brown adipose fat with Cushing's? Hugs and Love!
  4. When is your next appointment with Dr. L? Next time you are in Seattle we should get together for lunch! Thank you for all your kind words of support for me. I hope you are feeling better soon and that your surgery is scheduled quickly! Would it be out here in Seattle? Or in LA?

  5. P.S. Thanks for thinking of me!

  6. I miss you too!!! How are you doing? Love you bunches, Nicole

  7. I miss you honey, drop me a line - You're never far from my thoughts!



  8. Hope you come out of your low soon. Lows are no fun ethier are highs so ethier one is hard to live with. Hope all gos well on your phone apt with dr.L.

  9. Hope you feel better soon(0:

  10. Just thought I would drop by to say hi. Sorry I missed chatting with you I love chatting on here. I went to the hospital I had this strange pain in my stomach that squeezed that raideated to my back and I could not move went to the ER and they found nothing like always. You will like Seattle if you like the city. I don't like the area where Swedish is you have to go to downtown by the spac

  11. I love you, Jada! You are strong, beautiful, and amazing. I feel so blessed to know you! We're going to make it, babe. ... . and then, watch out. . .. it's you and I hitting the stage on American Idol. Oh boy, cover your ears folks! By this time, however, we won't have to make sure our left thumbnail isn't dirt ridden! Oh, you're so funny, you're so much lik

  12. I never knew it was also called "the ugly disease" - i can certainly see your point now. I learn something new here everyday! As I said though, you did a beautiful job and your hard work shows! Hugs and Love!
  13. Shelly, you're on a roll tonight!!! I guess i have refused to feel ugly, hair, stretchmarks, weight gain, lumps, humps and all - but i do know what you mean about feeling like an old horse! By the way, my laundry (for 6 people) has piled up for a month, so i dont think I'm going to make it over to your place! Hugs and Love!
  14. I love the graphics, they are beautiful and I can see that you put a lot of work into them. However, in my honest opinion, the word "ugly" and "disease" together might put people off - what about "Cushing's - the disregarded silent killer"? Or something along the lines that acknowledges how frquently it's dismissed and that it's complications can be fatal if left untreated? Just an idea, I don't want to step on any toes either!
  15. I would be happy to write some press releases for Cushing's Awareness Day, I had also planned to contact my local news stations to find out if they would be willing to do a segment on their early morning show - it';s usually the easiest time slot to get things like this in. Also, is there a national Cushing's foundation established? If not, I think it would be a good idea to establish one, perhaps in Sue's name. That could be a forum to host community walks, runs, etc for fundraising and awareness. I know there is a lot involved in establishing a legally organized foundation, but I'm sure we can do it! We need all the recognition we can get and my suspicion is that there are many more out there are suffering day to day and not having any idea why. Let me know what you think! Hugs and Love, Jada
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