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  1. Hi Mary, Just thinking ahead...I just need a little more time to recoup from my BLA I just had. My brain fog is getting better so that I would be able to communucate the right words to talk about my story. I would love to do an interview. I really wanted to be cured/in remission before I did an interview (my little quirky issue). Thank you, Michelle
  2. I can understand to a certain extent that the doctors focus on weight and excersise to have a person be the healtiest they can be. However when I gained 20 lbs. in a month that to me that was a red flag to say...hmm I think something is wrong or off balance. But as I went to doctors they still told me to go on weight watchers and excersise harder. When if they listened to me I told them i could barely go up and down the stairs due to muscle weakness and fatigue. Not sure why the doctors have such a clouded outlook? Good luck on your paper! Hope you get lots of good information.
  3. Thanks Mary, this is great I have saved it to my favorites.
  4. Just popping into say "hello". Have you been getting my messages????

  5. Just stopping by to say "hello"

  6. Thanks Mary!!!! Great Rissa, I too was going to ask about IPSS because that is my next big step (after my 3T).
  7. Thanks Shell for the pics, we totally look like sistah's...

  8. U ARE THE BEST FRIEND EVER!! Hope ur having a Blast on vacation!! Miss u!

  9. Thanks Mary!!!!! Look forward to receiving them.. Take care, Michelle
  10. Hi Mary, My hubby wants to wear one too. So here is my updated pre-order. 3 Large 1 Medium Thanks, Michelle
  11. Hi Mary, Thanks so much for your response. That is too unfortunate about the Cushie store. Those stupid hackers..... Yes, I would like to pre-order. I should probably then order two large and one medium. I don't think I can fit into a medium. Just let me know how to pre-order and I will do that. Thanks for your help, Michelle
  12. Hi Mary, I am definately interested in the silicone bracelets. I am interested in getting three (myself, dad & mom). I think I would need two mediums and one small. I think I am between a 7" - 8" bracelet so I think a medium would still fit. Yes, I have tried several times to order from the Cushie store, but no luck. So that is why I am contacting you to see how I can get them. Thank you so much! Michelle from CA (emilyannsmommie)
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