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  1. I'm sorry, did I say something to upset you? I was very appreciative of the advice you were trying to give me. :)

  2. Ok, you're welcome :rolleyes:

  3. I have designed a graphic for Cushing's and for Cushing's Awareness Day. I would love for everyone to check it out. Graphic
  4. Anyone can feel free to use it. I just ask that it be unaltered (meaning I wish my initials and copyright to remain on the image). It can be resized and used freely. I am sure that the website would love the exposure. (Correct me if I am wrong Mary.) Thanks for all the positive comments. I can only hope that it raises alot of questions and gives everyone an opportunity to teach someone about their disease.
  5. Once again I feel a need to explain myself. I didn't coin the term "The Ugly Disease". It is just a term that describes to me the disease. I am not meaning to offend anyone or make them think I am calling them ugly. I believe people are being offended personally. From a marketing perspective, we are wanting to get the word out and I honestly as well as my husband, believe that calling it "The Ugly Disease" will have people saying, "HUH??? Tell me about this disease. What is it that makes this disease ugly?" The graphic I believe will make people want to know more and it clearly and simply states to ask about it and gives a place to go to get more information. Plain and simple. Like I said this was just something I did in response to a graphic being asked for. Hard to have a tough skin with Cushing's alone! I feel like a mommabear protecting my young here. LOL Please do not be offended by the terminology I use. Some of you don't let it make you feel ugly, but for me and looking at what I see in the mirror, I feel ugly. So it suits me.
  6. GRRR! I had a well thought out post all typed out and it disappeared. We all know how hard it is for someone with Cushing's to have a well thought out anything, but here I go again. This disease is called "The Ugly Disease" on many websites including here. I can't really think of a disease that deserves this description more than Cushing's. It is a disease that not only turns your insides ugly as most diseases do this one ends up doing a number on your physical self too. On a personal level, the buffalo hump Quasimodo would call large, the facial and chest hair most pre-pubescent males would be extremely happy to have, miscellaneous acne, boils, and sores you wouldn't even wish on your worst enemy, the round and red face Santa would be glad to pass on, the 400+ pounds that not even Atkins can get rid of all rolled up with the hypertension, feeling like you are insane, peeing like a race horse, headaches, muscle aches, tingling in your arms and legs makes ME call this "The Ugly Disease". I tend to go with simple on graphics simply because simple is clean. The whole premise is to get the word out. The website is promoted and the graphic says to ask questions. No toes were stepped on here. I asked for opinions. I do think though that I needed to clarify my position and why it looks the way it does. It was just something that I worked on and thought I would share. Thanks for looking!!!
  7. Well I took it upon myself to do a graphic for my disease. Mary and everyone involved with this site and in making the world aware of this devastating disease, I hope that it can get made into something to be seen the world over to bring a better understanding of all of our suffering from this highly undiagnosed disease process. I want to thank you all for your efforts and all the great information that can be found on this site. The colors are from the original ribbons that I have seen on the site. Please give me your opinions and I hope that I didn't step on any toes. I just happened to see a request for a graphic for Cushing's and this is what came to me.
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