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  1. It never fails: every time I'm looking for an article it's always the last year that things weren't digitized! Thanks for looking! I was thinking more of the asthma symptoms that I have. I got an asthma diagnosis in 2000, but I've never had an asthma attack. I take Singulair and have an albuterol inhaler, but I never use the inhaler (it makes me jittery). I wonder if my "asthma" is really due to an endocrine cause? Not sure what you mean by "fluid holding probs." I get confused about the salt/water balance thing, at least when it comes to what makes you retain water vs. flush it all out. I go back and forth: sometimes I'm really thirsty, other days I hardly drink anything at all. And output is sometimes counterintuitive: if I drink a lot, sometimes I don't pee much at all, but other times I haven't drank much but spend all day in the bathroom. I think my tachycardia is caused by hypovolemia, because I don't really have high blood pressure. Thanks! I know you found the last one for me. That link was actually the article that led me to look for this one. You'd think that a foreign journal wouldn't be so hard to find!
  2. I found this citation while doing some research. Siafakas, NM "Respiratory muscle function in endocrine diseases" Monaldi Archives for Chest Disease. 1999 Apr; Vol. 54 (2), pp. 154-9; PMID: 10394831 Siafakas NM, Alexopoulou C, Bouros D. Dept of Thoracic Medicine, Medical School, University of Crete, Greece. This review reports evidence showing that the function of the respiratory muscles (RMs) is affected in endocrinopathies and emphasizes that clinicians should look for RM weakness in hormone inbalances. Although there is a potential pathophysiological mechanism for affecting RM in diabetes insipidus, hypoparathyroidism, Cushing's disease, pheochromocytoma, adrenalin deficiency or androgen disorder, no study was found in the available literature. Therefore, investigations are urgently needed in these diseases. Controversial results have been reported in acromegaly, hypopituitarism, diabetes mellitus and steroid-induced (iatrogenic) RM myopathy. Obviously, these are areas for further research. Respiratory muscle dysfunction has been well documented in thyroid disease and there is general agreement that both hypo- and hyperthyroidism are associated with reversible respiratory muscle weakness. I've been through PubMed and Medline, and done some general web searches too, but I can't find a free full-text. Can anyone help?
  3. Can the edema that often accompanies endocrine diseases cause hypovolemia?
  4. Yay, that's it! Thank you so much, Anka! If anyone is interested, the link at the bottom of Anka's post opened into a pdf file for me that I could save.
  5. I didn't know where else to post this, so I apologize if this is in the wrong forum. My university doesn't have access, and I need the full text of this article: "Pitfall of the Accessory Spleen" by Sels J.P.J.E.; Wouters R.M.M.E.; Lamers R.; Wolffenbuttel B.H.R. The Netherlands Journal of Medicine. Volume 56, Issue 4, April 2000, Pages 153-158 Here's the abstract: "Two patients, one with insulinoma and one with Cushing's syndrome, are presented. Biochemical evaluation readily suggested the correct diagnosis. During radiologic imaging, the anatomic abnormality giving rise to these diseases, i.e. a pancreatic islet cell tumor, and an adrenal adenoma, at first were mistakenly interpreted as an accessory spleen on the basis of specific computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging appearances. The insulinoma was identified as such during laparotomy, whereas additional jodo-cholesterol scintigraphy revealed the real nature of the lesion in the patient with Cushing's syndrome. Both patients were operated successfully." I see so many links here of full-text articles, and I hoped someone had access to an organization that can save the pdf file and post it here. I found the citation in PubMed and Science Direct, but they both directed me to Elsevier.
  6. I think the search feature was just added a few weeks ago, because I am a member of iGive for the rescue organization where I adopted my dog from (didn't know these boards were on there!) and I got an email about it a few weeks ago telling me about the new search feature where you get a cent for each search.
  7. I work part time for my local newspaper, and I've been thinking about asking if I could write a story about Cushing's. Problem is that my editor likes to keep things kind of small-townish, and most of the feature stories are about local people who face adversity etc. But I think if it is a national day this year as it has been for the past two then I could make it sound important enough. If anyone would like to offer suggestions or ideas, or put up their name and stories to be included just let me know. I can send you my email address if you message me.
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