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  1. Karen (Rooon55), February 21, 2008. Karen's disease started when she was a little girl (7) and she finally got a diagnosis in 2005. She had cycling Cushing's, Thyroid disease, GH deficiency, and Auto immune Alopecia. She believes she is cured after two Pituitary surgeries. A doctor didn't advise Vermont's Karen Nolan (Rooon on the boards) that she might be one of the scant 3.5 per million people diagnosed annually with Cushing's disease - another Cushing's patient did. After reading Nolan's post on an Internet message board, another patient suggested Nolan's lab results and symptoms
  2. TONIGHT! Join Robin (staticnrg), a pituitary patient and researcher. This show will be at 7:30PM (note later time!) Robin had Cushing's for over 20 years, at least. Of course, no one figured it out or even put two and two together until her new PCP whom she found in 2004 said "endocrine". She didn't figure it out, either, but at least Robin had a piece of the puzzle and she found cushings-help.com. Robin immediately went into denial and left for several months until she got so sick she knew she had to have help. She had originally sought this PCP because she had been going
  3. TONIGHT! Join Alicia (medcats10), a Cushing's Message Board member who is still testing. This show will be at 7:30PM (note later time!) Alicia writes: "I first started feeling like something was wrong with me about my Junior year in college in 2000. I started gaining quite a bit of weight, 40lbs in 6 months, and I was tired a lot. I also was getting a lot of infections, strep throat, mono, etc. Around the end of my Junior year, probably one of the worst things that could have happened during my 8 years of illness happened, I had severe psychiatric symptoms at school
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