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  1. I watched this and my first impression was she certainly dint look that bad at all. I wish my with Cushings pictures looked as good. Well she is a model. I also thought some things sounded a little stange maybe a little dramatic. When she said she had all the crafty things going I was jeolous. How did she get on the floor and cut out frabric I would never be able to get back up, never the less place patterns and cut them! Good for her! I also just saw the one on Montel from one of our Cushie friends this one was wonderful. I think it was Montel. Oh my there goes my wave length just snapped......ooops! Luv kimmy
  2. That was wonderful, you did a great job and I am sure gave many people hope. Kimmy
  3. Hi Everyone, Celebrate Cushings Awareness Day! I am grateful today for all of you on this site. I would have been LOST had I not found this site. You all have been there to explain and understand things the doctors could not. I wish there was a site like this for my lung disease (which noone can telme anything about) The site for that is just terrible. The people are not as compassionate and understanding as here. I hope I can contribute to educating people and helping spread the word this is real. So Bless you all and Thank you Harvey! Take Care, Kimmy
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