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  1. Before it all kicked off with me, I'd already Noticed I was becoming intolerant to things I couldn't drink pepsi max anymore would Be bloated etc but also jittery and anxious (Maybe the caffine) I used to consume: Muller light yogurts Cadburys hi lights hot chocolate (used to mix it With my porrige and have it for breakfast Was sooooo nice) Both of these have aspartemaine in them. When I started out my journey I ended up at A homeopath she said out of everything Your not good with aspartemane is the worst For me!! I really notice now if I do have something with aspartemane I had half a can of pepsi max last night Never do normally since homeopath..but really fancied Something fizzy other than water... I could feel anxiety and a fast heart beat feeling Within a few minutes!! I know my mum lived on diet coke but She has found out she has thyroid hypo, RA, Gluten problem..and now is seeing endo re Cortisol... She said to me I think the diet coke was Keeping me going like your smoking!! The homeopath said that the candidas is triggered Through toxins like aspartemane, sugars etc And it takes over your body and leads to all These diseases...she said to my mum that she has had candidas For years and years... Sorry if I went off topic...but yes I do think Aspartemane is very bad for us..should be banned!!
  2. Hi.. I've got acv ..when I take it ..it makes my reflux even worse -ve not taken it oftern enough to see any real Results to get rid of fungi. Peaches - so is this why I feel better on Totally yeast free diet? The trouble is its so restrictive and even With a homeopath and taking special supplemsnts For 8 months it won't go... Do you think I could screw test results by doing such A strict candidas diet? I just eat egg, lean meat and fish, veggies ( No corn, carrott or potatoes), olive oil, Some salad, tiny amount of skim milk... Is the fungi mainly a cushy problem? Its weird normally if I have coffee or anything high In caffine or sugar..I feel very wired Anxious etc.. But at the moment..I'm bleeding very heavy 2nd period in two weeks. Coffee isn't affecting Me..a little boost but still so tiered.. This is what I mean about fluctuating Symptoms... Sorry going off topic there...
  3. This is so true, we are living proof of this!!! Glad its getting noticed!! I went to see my GP as specialist put me on tablets and was 10mg I was having major head pressure, facial pain, even more anger, suicidal,crying anxious, Foot cramps all this stuff but couldn't get hold of my specialist.. So I went to GP as you'd think you'd get some support! He said there's no point Coming here I don't know what's wrong with you! Your under specialist And you've had a lot of tests they may find what's wrong with you in 100 years But its likley you'll never get better and will have to live with it IM JUST A GP I don't know!!!! this is another example as soon as I walk ion they've given up And to say that sort of thing when in such a state I fell apart.. Lucy phone my mum who came to barts ewith me and she sasi he is a pratt We heard what barts said and they know you have problems.. Then my sister had words as I was hysterical..he called me and said well drop it to 5 mg And speak to consultant...but I have a constant battle just to get a little help..
  4. mandy cant do pm, your inbox is filled!

  5. Yes, flouride is a problemb for hypothyroid..which is why tea is bad for hypot's apparently
  6. I'm not suprised!! All the crap put in our food, antibiotics given out so frequently!! Seems as though all these rare diseases aren't that rare anymore...probably where they are Poisoning us...with medsand food!! Now toothpaste!!
  7. Hope it may help some one on here!! http://www.endocrinology.org/meetings/2007...urseBooklet.pdf XX
  8. Hi Guys, I found this whilst trying to find confirmation that you can have low DHEAS in cushings and it discusses a patient who has same as me high androstenedione and low normal DHEA. Ive got the endo calling me soon and will be going back to see them at Barts, so Iam feeling stronger again and more confident that it is more than just a thyroid problem (With the help of a special lady on here and a lady on a thyroid forum). RESULTS Plasma cortisol values of 15 patients with Cushing's disease (range 326?1140 nmol/l, normal range 190?690 nmol/l) were elevated in 9; In contrast, plasma androstenedione (4?1?11?3 nmol/l, normal range, men 2?1?7?7, women 3?3?9?9 nmol/l) was elevated in only two patients, plasma DHEAS (3?3?17?8 μmol/l, normal range, men 4?5?18?4, women 3?5?11?8 μmol/l) was elevated in only 4 patients and plasma DHEA (4?8?45?2 nmol/l, normal range 11?48 nmol/l) was normal or low in all 15 patients. Plasma androstenedione was markedly elevated (74 nmol/l) in one of three patients with ectopic ACTH syndrome, moderately elevated in another, and normal in the third patient. In contrast, plasma DHEA and DHEAS levels were suppressed in the patient with the highest androstenedione level and low or normal in the other two patients. CONCLUSIONS These data suggest that ACTH alone does not control adrenal androgen Secretion. The data also suggest that variability in the processing of proopiomelanocortin (the precursor of ACTH and related peptides) occurring in Cushing's disease and ectopic ACTH syndrome may account for differences in the relation of cortisol to androgens observed between the disorders and when compared to that in normal subjects.
  9. Hello lady with da baby xxx

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