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I'm 35 years old and I'm pretty sure I've had Cushing's the majority of my life, however my symptoms got markedly worse once I turned 18 years old. I had massive headaches, gained 100lbs in less than seven months and started not being able to sleep. I have been searching for answers for the past ten years. I've been to a total of six endocrinologists over the years. Two of them had moderate suspicion that I had cyclical cushing's, but no one was able to pursue it and actually diagnose me. I've been to Mayo clinic and Barnes Jewish, neither of which were helpful in the least. It's been an extremely long journey. In the fall of 2010 after seeing a horrible Endo at Barnes Jewish I made up my mind to head west and see Dr. F. I knew immediately upon entering his office that I had finally came to the right place. I saw Dr. F on June 7th, 2011 and on October 2nd, 2011 Dr. F called me and diagnosed me with Cushing's disease.


I have been cleared for surgery pending Dr. McC see's the tumors that Dr. F saw. I cannot believe after all of this time I am finally at this point. Thank God for this website and thank God for Dr. F. I am forever indebted to both of them.


Dr. F believes I have three tumors on my pit. I'm hoping Dr. McC will be able to remove them all and get me in remission. I'm ready to start living again.


Thank you to Mary O for this amazing site. It has been a wealth of information and without her and her site I would probably still be wondering what is wrong with me. <3

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