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  1. Sally- I was going to to the exact same thing. I guess we got the same type of humor!! Thanks for the reminder. Is carp (when spelled correctly) considered profanity? Leanne
  2. It's not surprising to us that she could find out what was wrong with her and the doctors couldn't. I just wish it didn't happen that way so often. Leanne
  3. I'm so excited about Dr. F!!! How can we pose written questions to him? Leanne
  4. Great to see you looking so good! It's wonderful that you're out spreading the word!! Leanne
  5. Just hoping that others will like it as much as I did! Leanne
  6. oops forgot the link!! http://www.questdiagnostics.com/hcp/intgui...cp_ig_main.html
  7. I just found the BEST site! I was searching for something similar to the recent methodology report about salivary tests and stumbled on this. You can look through the individual tests and find out what disease abnormal results will point towards. There is also a manual you can browse. Have fun! Leanne
  8. I was looking for info on low globulin and serum protein levels and came across this. Does anyone else have borderline or low normal ranges for Total protein? Mine has steadily decreased over the last 9 years and is barely in normal range. Here is the link http://jcem.endojournals.org/cgi/content/full/85/9/3309 Leanne
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