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    I enjoy chating in my mesenger and getting all the knowledge i can about my disease!!
  1. Just stopping by to say "hello"

  2. U ARE THE BEST FRIEND EVER!! Hope ur having a Blast on vacation!! Miss u!

  3. Welcome to ur new home!

  4. Happy Birthday Kate!!!!!! :)

  5. I qoute: SOM230 Therapy for Patients with Cushing's Disease Patients with active Cushing's disease (Cushing's syndrome caused by an ACTH producing pituitary tumor) who have urine free cortisols more than 2x the upper limit of normal and are age 18 or greater will be eligible to be screened for this study. Qualifying patients will receive SOM230 (a new drug that effects all five somatostatin receptors) for a 16-day period to see if it effectively treats Cushing's disease. Urine free cortisols (as well as other tests) will be assessed before and after drug treatment. All expenses will be
  6. Thank U so much for ur welcome! And yes my endo loves strange Cushing's Cases! Seem's I hit the jackpot with her!


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