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  1. Probably the most important question for me....can you have a few highs like a midnight serum of 11.8 and not have cushings?
  2. I have another question, sorry my thoughts come out in spurts kind of like my cortisol!! For those of us who are testing and testing and testing for cushings, I can envision my tumor sending off shoots and turning into hyperplasia. What is the liklihood of the tumor growing or developing hyperplasia for those that seem to have to test for a long time?
  3. What are reasons that your TSH would continue to rise even though you are increasing your thyroid/Synthroid doseage from 88mcg, 100, 125 to 150mcg in one year? with TSH doubling at the end of the year?
  4. I will call you tomorrow its been a

    L O N G day.

  5. Thank you so much for your response for to my question! I appreciate it greatly!


  6. Was that Dr. L in the story? Cool, I love these. Hooray for you!! Thank you for sharing. Cheryl
  7. This guy is a big problem if he is in the medical profession, but then I am sure there are many just like him. That is why I had to fly 2000 miles to see a good doctor. I am not morbidly obese....yet. But I am sure given time it will get there as I seem to have no control over my weight. The funny thing is that the local docs that I suggested Cushings to didn't think I had it because I am not morbidly obese.....yet. I guess I am supposed to wait until I am and then get tested? I don't think so. Why does any doctor automatically thing that if you are overweight then you have a package of oreos in your hands at all times? Actually my appetite is not that great and I really really don't eat that much, Geez I am the diet queen could drop ten pounds (which is the most I ever gained at one time and was usually from vacation) in two weeks and keep it off before. I have told the docs that if it weren't for the fatigue (saying it is not cushings) then I could get rid of the weight, but the fatigue is debilitating, it is hard to just get up in the morning, staying up is harder. If they could figure out the cause of the fatigue and fix it then I could lose the weight myself. I was not tested for anything just thrown BP meds, cholesterol meds, anti-depressants, glucose meds, etc. By the way I have stopped taking all of them as I am now in the process of testing with Dr. L. Why doesn't the medical profression check in to rapid weight gain, all of the sudden high blood presure/high cholesterol, high triglycerides, insulin resistance as related to something other than oreos? How many people are walking around out there who are morbidly obese or obese but not morbidly...yet that are being ignored like I was? How many actually have an underlying condition that no one is checking in to? Many and I would really like to give these docs a piece of my mind.
  8. I probably shouldn't have read this post as it really make my blood pressure rise.....The U.S. is supposed to be about freedom. It is not the government's business or my Employer's business or anyone else's business what I do when I am not at work and it should be (I thought it was) illegal to even ask. I have worked with the most lazy unreliable people and neither of them smoked or were obese. If you have the drive to be at work you are, if you don't you are not and make up sick days to take. The last employer I worked for pushed doughnut and ice cream carts up and down the aisles for free on Fridays and it was a health organization. I always turned it down......but most did not.....Hello? If we go to national healthcare we are all in big trouble, especially the elderly. To save money all you have to do is make them wait and they will die younger and then social security would be fixed because no one would live long enough to collect it. We will no longer have a choice who we treat with and who will get care and who will have to wait. I could not imagine trying to fight this disease with National Health care.....why do you think so many people come to the US for care? How many would if they could afford it that live in countries that have national health care? The only thing that will change our healthcare system is competition and an educated popluation who questions the doctor and doesn't just accept what they are told. The biggest problem with health care is the law suits that result from corporations trying to save money by making quotas for doctors to reach where they can only spend 5 minutes with each patient so they don't listen anymore they can't if they ever want to go home....Geez...talk about going postal. I could go on for hours but will spare you. This whole subject just makes my blood boil.
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