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  1. WOW. It's hard to tell.. is this diagnosis good news or bad news? The bad news is, yes, i have Cushing's Disease. On friday i was told i have a microadenoma on the left side of my pituitary gland. Thank goodness i have already had the other tests done, so together the MRI and test results support the diagnosis of Cushing's. BUT, the good news is.. I AM NOT CRAZY!! For a few years now, i have been told it is all in my head. and guess what, it is, just in the form of a tumor! I know, it may sound wild to be happy about this, but honestly.. i have an answer. my weight gain, my spinal fracture, my depression and anxiety my moon face my acne.. lord the list goes on... I HAVE ANSWER. My brother told me finding out the problem is often the hardest part in being sick. Wherever this disease will take me from here will be 'cake', regaurdless of the course of action. Tuesday the 15th i have an appointment with an endocronologist, and i will hopefully have a better idea of where we go from here.. whether its more tests, meds, or surgery. QUESTION: what is usually the first step? surgery or meds?? Oh, and by the way, i just turned 20 in may. If there are any of you other cushies around my age, i'd love to hear from you. And anyone in general! But being 20, going through the whole 'figuring out my life' thing is hard enough, and now, cushings?! Thanks for listening! my email is kaitsmail@juno.com and id love to hear your story!!!!
  2. hi everyone, so i am pretty sure i have cushings, the tests, diagnostically speaking are way above levels. tomorrow morning i have a ct scan of my adrenals, because my back has been hurting me for a year and a half, and i guess we are going to look there first... i just have a question though. i see most people have missing or absent periods. i was wondering if any of you have ever experienced extremely heavy and long periods? i have most every symptom associated with cushings except high bp, and the period deal, i seem to be quite the opposite. i have been on birth control since i was 16, i am 20 now... and i am constantly getting my period early, even on this birth control which is supposed to seriously regulate things, and they often last a good 12 days or longer, my 'record' being 20 days. please!! if any 'cushies' had the heavy period thing, please let me know!!! thank you!!
  3. Hi everyone! I'm not sure if anyone will read this.. and seeing as howi am not exactly familiar with this website yet, i think this is the only way to post other than the guest question.. which i already did, and my introduction bio... so here goes... Well a few months ago i finally broke down and got a doctors appointment. i had been reading up about elevated cortisol, not even cushing's but just high cortisol levels and i told my doctor i would like to be tested. My first two 8am blood tests came back high, one higher than the other. I believe it was at 32.5 and then 37... After the second test i asked for further testing and got a salivary and urinary free cortisol test, or 24 hour urine analysis... the following are my results. SALIVARY TEST: MINE::::::::::::::::::::NORMAL 8am: 2.27 ng/ml::::::1.0-8.0 1pm: 2.34 ng/ml ::::::0.4-2.5 5pm: 2.21 ng/ml:::::::0.2-1.3 9pm: 19.65 ng/ml:::::0.1-0.6 perhaps i recall some graphs incorrectly, but i remember seeing something about how cushings patients cortisol levels spike at night?? my results came back with a graph and were literally "off the charts". the graph didnt even account for a level of 19.65! has anyone ever experienced this?? now heres the really scary one... 24 HOUR URINE ANALYSIS normal: 0-50 ug/24hr MINE: 391 ughhhhhh. hello? cushings? why wont they tell me i have it?? i have a ct scan scheduled for next wednesday... my back has been killing me for over a year and a half now, and i have the scary feeling there is something on my adrenal gland... if anyone has everrr gotten results like this please let me know!! thank you!!!
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