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New Book Confronts Testosterone Issues


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New Book Confronts Testosterone Issues


Wellness Doctor Helps Men and Women Take Charge of Their Hormone Health


MONTEREY, Calif., Nov. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- More than 6 million U.S. men suffer from testosterone deficiency. It jeopardizes not only sexual and reproductive health, but also the cardiovascular system, bone and muscle strength, memory and emotional well-being. And increasingly, younger men are at risk.


What can men (and the women who love them) do to avoid this condition? And how can those who've been diagnosed improve their quality of life? Preventive medicine expert, Abraham Kryger, M.D., examines these issues in his groundbreaking new book, "Listen to Your Hormones, a Doctor's Guide to Sex, Love and Long Life" (www.sexloveandhormones.com).


According to Dr. Kryger, the key culprits are estrogen-like manmade chemicals that permeate our air, water and food supply.


"The link is undeniable," said Dr. Kryger. "I've seen first-hand how synthetic chemicals can disrupt endocrine and reproductive systems. They threaten our fertility, our intelligence -- our very survival. But there's help for those with low testosterone, and hope for others who want to minimize toxic exposure."


Based on current medical and environmental evidence, "Listen to Your Hormones" cuts through the hype and confusion about the vital role that testosterone plays in key bodily functions. It explains the consequences of ignoring hormone imbalances, and charts a course for men who must navigate the uncertain waters surrounding testosterone therapy.


More than a clinical analysis, the book reveals insights from real-world cases, and offers a blueprint for action. It suggests practical ways to assess, monitor, manage and improve male health. And it reinforces those ideas with extensive research.


Available immediately at a suggested retail price of U.S. $24.95, the book can be ordered online at www.sexloveandhormones.com or by phone at 831-373-4406. It is also in-stock at select bookstores. Digital versions of each chapter are expected to be available soon.


About the Author


Dr. Kryger is a wellness pioneer who has been at the forefront of research on hormones, nutrition and complementary medicine for 30 years. A board-certified family practitioner and preventive medicine specialist, Dr. Kryger heads a full-time private practice in Monterey. He has guided thousands of patients to optimal health by combining traditional medicine with the use of nutraceutical supplements and bioidentical hormones.


Available Topic Expert(s): For information on the listed expert(s), click appropriate link. Abraham Kryger, MD, DMD http://www.profnet.com/ud-public.jsp?userid=500664


SOURCE Wellness MD Publications


CO: Wellness MD Publications


ST: California




Web site: http://www.wellnessmd.com




11/16/2004 05:00 EST

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